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A reminder of the importance of Framing

How are you framing your life?


And more importantly…


How are these frames serving you?


You see…


Framing happens all the time.
Pretty much every situation in your life gets framed by you or others.


So what is framing?


It is a thought or sentence that sets out an expectation of an event or, in some cases, a memory of an event.


To clarify…


Here’s some example negative frames first…


“So in the meeting today we need to solve the problems the team is having.”


“I hate driving to work in the morning chaos”


“I’vealways been lazy.”


So with these statements or frames, you are setting a negative expectation of what is to come or of who you are as a person.


And the problem is…


Once you have set that negative frame, your unconscious mind will search for evidence to support the negative expectation to prove it is true!


So once in the meeting, the focus is on “problems” because this is how the meeting has been framed.


Once in your car, you unconsciously focus on “hate” and “chaos” – the frames you have set.


And the “lazy” person? Always looking for evidence that he is lazy.


So let’s REFRAME those negatives into positive frames:


“So in the meeting today we will look at how the team can work together and create some solutions and opportunities to develop.”


“I love the morning drive as the time gives me a chance to reflect and listen to my favouritemusic.”


“I overslept 3 times last month.”


See the difference?
Feel the difference?
Experience the difference?


This simple act of reframing changes the whole focus.


Same situation.
Same person.
Different frame.


And a different frame means a different expectation.
A different emphasis.
Actually, a different life for you.


I’m off to be consciously aware of how I’m framing things for myself and for others, and to make sure I use positive framing as the foundation of my life.


How about you?


To your happiness and fulfillment.



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