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A reminder of the vital role your mindset plays in your life

Mindset Matters Most


And it’s the difference between the 3% of people who lead the life of their dreams and the 97% of people who don’t (according to a survey carried out by Harvard Business School)


So that got me thinking…


What are the key differences in mindset of the 3% of people who play the game of life to win, compared to the 97% of people who play the game of life not to lose.


(And there’s a big difference in playing to win and playing not to lose, right?)


Here’s a quick summary…


People who play to win have a clear purpose to their life. They have a WHY that is bigger than them.
People who play life to just survive lack purpose.


People who play to win know what their values are – and they live a life true to those values.
People who play to lose don’t really know their values and often find themselves straying off track – heading down the wrong path with the wrong decisions.


Winners take risks.
Losers play safe.


3% of people see failure as a friend and an opportunity for learning and growth.
97% have a fear of failure and so stay in their comfort zone.


People playing to win see choice and opportunity in most if not all situations.
People playing not to lose can become victims and look to blame others for their lack of success.


The 3% see change as a friend – actively embracing change on a regular basis.
The 97% are often afraid of change – preferring to stick to what they know.


The winner mindset embraces an attitude of lifelong learning – seeing each day as a learning rich experience.
The loser mindset often stagnates, getting to a place of “I know what I need to know and that’s good enough.”


The play to win team have a WEGO mentality – there is always some bigger purpose than me.
The play not to lose team are more focused on EGO – it’s all about me and my small world.


The 3% don’t accept the rules, they create them.
The 97% follow the rules and don’t challenge them.


So, as you reflect on this list, the key question is…


Are you playing the game of life to win…




are you playing the game of life not to lose?


I’m off to challenge the norms, rewrite the rules, create a life where I am leader of myself and make sure all that I do makes a positive difference to others and leaves a lasting legacy when I’m gone .


How about you?


To your happiness and fulfillment.



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