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A world of stories and lies

What’s it about?: A world full of fear-based manipulation and lies


Just imagine a world…


Where fictional stories were spread to create hatred, division, fear and aggression.


And these stories, which are never based on evidence or fact, are believed by millions of people.


And what’s more…


In order to make sure these stories become embedded in people’s mind, a world of biased media is used to spread the stories.


And how can you make sure people keep listening to the stories?


By making sure they trigger the most powerful emotion humans can experience.




You see, the people who spread these stories know that if you can create enough fear in the world, then people will listen.


And people who are afraid of something will look to someone or something to help reassure them.


So it’s funny isn’t it how if the creators of the fictional stories that generate the fear usually offer a solution to the problems they lie about in the stories.


And people will follow these story generators.


So what could these stories be about?


Lies like…


White people are more intelligent than other races.


Men make better leaders than women.


Boys should not show emotion – that is something only for girls.


Animals don’t feel pain.


Our religion tells the truth and all the other religions are wrong.


People who speak with a certain accent will never be suitable for high profile jobs.


There is no such thing as global warming.


And the truth is…


These lies have absolutely no scientific, biological or factual foundation.


They are simply lies.


And these lies that are told and retold through the stories of fear-based media are believed by many.


To the extent that these believers are even capable of killing other people based on the lies they have heard.


Can you stop and imagine a world as crazy and hateful as this!


I’m off to be careful about which stories I follow and believe to be true.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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Steve Neale
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