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An introduction to the 2 key goal-crushers

The Great Goal Killers


A dastardly and dynamic duo.


Ready to pounce.
Ready to crush your goals.
Ready to check you in to a lifetime room in the Hotel of Mediocrity.


And what’s more…


They are persistent.


Each time you get a new idea.
A new dream.
Wish to create a better life for yourself.


They reappear and stamp out your chances!


I think it’s time I introduced you to these famous goal-crushers, don’t you?


They are, of course…


Fear and Procrastination.


Now the first member of the duo, Fear, comes in many forms.


Fear of failure.
Fear of success.
Fear of not fitting in.
Fear of being different.
Fear of looking stupid.
Fear of approval.


Any more you can think of?
The list is long.


And this irrational emotion, if you allow it too, will stop you from taking the brave steps of change needed to make a difference to your life.


But that’s not all.


Just when you think you’re ready to make your dreams come true.
Just when you’ve managed to overcome your fear and are ready to take the first steps of achieving your goals.


The partner of fear steps in and stops you in your tracks again.


Say hello to Procrastination.


You have created your goal destination.
You have made the step-by-step plan needed to get there.
You are ready to take your first step.


And suddenly your conscious mind kicks into super creative mode and finds a million and one other so called “important” tasks you need to do first.


Such as…


Washing the car.
Cleaning the house.
Finishing the report that’s not due for 3 weeks.


In fact, the villain that is Procrastination can throw up so many good reasons to help you avoid doing what you really need to do to in order to achieve your life-changing goals.


And sadly…


There is no quick-fix way to overcome the goal-stopping duo of fear and procrastination.


But if you’re prepared to make changes at a subconscious, limbic brain level, then you can remove these 2 evils from your life for good.


And I’m going to show you how!




At a free webinar with me where, amongst other things, I’ll give you clear guidelines on how to overcome fear and procrastination.




Limbic Goal Achievement Webinar with Steve Neale


Takes place on…


3 February 2017 at 14-15.00 Central European Time


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Let’s make 2017 the year you banish fear and procrastination for good!


To your happiness and fulfillment.







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