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An reminder on how to FOCUS

So what are you really focused on?”


You know how it works.


You dream of more free time.
Next month work will get better.
That new fitness plan is going to happen.


But somehow, time passes…


…and dreams of a better, healthier, happier life with more freedom and choice are somehow still dreams.


You need focus.


Focus on what you really want.
Focus on the things that matter.
Focus on how you really spend your precious time.


And what does FOCUS mean?




The problem is…


We are surrounded by Weapons of Mass Distraction.


Emails. Facebook. TV. Twitter. You Tube


And isn’t it right…


…that these days, with our smart phones, it is easier than ever to be distracted from what really matters.


You know, often people tell me they have dreams.
And then I ask the vital question: “What have you done today that has moved you a step closer to that dream?”


Normally people say they have not had time. They are too busy.




You always have time, even if it is just a few minutes.


So what they really mean is that today they have not prioritised and focused their time.


And studies show that each of us have concentration limits.
So the more you give your focus to insignificant things that don’t really matter, the less focus you have left over for those important things.


And what’s more…


If you train your brain to live in a state of “fractured consciousness,” regularly switching your attention from one meaningless thing to another (back to Facebook again!), it teaches your brain to have a very short concentration span.


So when you do want to focus on what’s really important, your brain will find it really difficult.


In the words of the Roman Philosopher Seneca…


“To be everywhere is to be nowhere”


So what will help you in your quest for focus?


You need impulse control.


All your distraction impulses will be either “away from” or “towards” impulses.


For example…


“I really want some chocolate now.” (a towards impulse)
“I need to go watch TV as I am bored of this report” (an away from impulse)
Being aware of your impulses is the first step in stopping them.


You see…


You have a pause button in your brain, which, when activated, will stop you from acting on impulse.


But before you activate it, you need to be aware of the impulses that are distracting you and stealing your focus.


So why not take time today to make a list of your typical distraction impulses and reflect on if they are “towards” or “away from” impulses?


And remember, you can switch off your smart phone anytime you want!


I’m off to focus on something really important now, how about you?


Your success partner



Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”

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