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What you will get: A reflection on authentic leadership


“Will the real you please stand up!”


It’s really hard work to not be yourself.


You see…


Playing a role in life takes effort.


It drains your energy.
It feels uncomfortable.
It drains your soul.


Yet, over the last decade…


So many people have come to me and asked me to help them find their authentic self.


And some even say to me…


“But Steve, you can’t be the same at work as you are with your friends and family”


Why can’t you?


Sure you would look silly talking like you do to with your 3 year-old daughter to your management team.
But that’s not what I am talking about.


I am talking about being true to yourself all of the time.
I am talking about authentic leadership.
I am talking about not compromising your personal values.
I am talking about knowing your own personality preferences and being open and honest about them.
I am talking about respectfully expressing how you feel to others and why you feel that way.


Of course…


There may be good reasons why you have felt you need to play a role.


Maybe it’s what your parents expected of you?
Maybe you think a leader is supposed to act in a certain way?
Maybe you act in a certain way because you feel that’s what others will want to see?


And sure, living a life true to your values, beliefs and heart’s true desires is hard sometimes.


But not living a life true to your core values and beliefs will kill you.


You know…


There’s a lot of talk right now about different leadership styles.


Situational leadership
Directive leadership
Coaching Leadership
Motivational Leadership


The list goes on…


But none of these styles of leadership will work if you do not bring into them your true self – your authenticity.


And what’s more…


People love authenticity.


If you are honest, open and authentic people around you like it, and often want to follow your example.


And if people want to follow you – doesn’t that make you a leader?


Have fun being yourself!


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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