What you will get:Tips to Overcome Procrastination   “It’s the silent Dream Killer!”   It creeps up on you. Like a silent killer. And it […]

What you will get:A chance to review your current energy levels   “Are you managing your energy spirals?”   “I feel tired most of the […]

What you will get:The flip side of negative experiences.   Bad is Good.   At least sometimes.   It’s just at the time, it may […]

What you will get:A chance to re-learn some of the things you did naturally as a child   “When do you let your inner child […]

What’s it about?:Clarity on what REALLY makes humans happy   “Money can’t buy you love (or happiness)”   If there’s one question I’ve been asked […]

What’s it about?:The Wisdom of Pooh Bear   Have you found your Pooh?   (Please notice the spelling here – otherwise that would be a […]

What’s it about?:Purpose and Pizzas   Purpose matters   And without it, you can feel lost.   Lacking passion. Lacking drive. Lacking motivation.   A […]

What’s it about?:Control   What if…   You were not in control?   You see…   To try to manage our lives and reduce stress, […]

What’s it about?:Inside-out living   What if…   Everything you thought was right about your world was wrong?   What if…   You suddenly discovered […]

What’s it about?:Blue Skies and Calm Oceans   Reality does not exist.   All you have, is your subjective perception of reality based on your […]

What’s it about?:“What if…?” thinking   What if…   Your “What if…?” thinking was effecting the quality of your life?   You see…   Way […]

What’s it about?:The LEAD Model   How well do you LEAD?   I’m talking about in any of your relationships – leader, colleague, sibling, partner, […]

What’s it about?:Yin and Yang   Are you yanging too much?   Or do you engage your yin too?   You see…   There is […]

What’s it about?:The meaning of life and pizza   So what is the purpose of life?   And how is this connected to pizzas?   […]

What’s it about?:Flexibility and expectations   Stretching is good for you!   And I’m not talking about the physical kind (although that’s good too!)   […]

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