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Blue skies and calm oceans

What’s it about?:Blue Skies and Calm Oceans


Reality does not exist.


All you have, is your subjective perception of reality based on your current thoughts and feelings.


So on one day, something might seem good.
On another day, the very same thing might not seem good.


For example, when I’m feeling calm, relaxed and positive, my dog digging up the garden seems amusing and I think thoughts like, “I love your playful nature.”


And on another day, if I’m feeling anxious and negative, the same garden digging may trigger thoughts like, “You are such an annoying dog, why can’t you be better behaved.”


You see…


Triggered by our emotional states, your thoughts drift into our mind like clouds drifting across a clear blue sky. And feelings can create angry waves in the calm ocean of your body.


So there may be days when storm clouds gather and waves build up. Days when nothing seems right…


“I hate all this traffic.”
“Why can’t I be happier?”
“I never have enough time.”
“Why can’t my kids be better behaved like other kids?”


And then, there will be days when the sky is clear and blue, the ocean peaceful and calm.


“It’s so nice to have time alone to listen to relaxing music in my car.”
“My life is pretty good.”
“I can make time for the important things.”
“I love my kids for being so unique.”


And here’s the really important thing…


Your mind’s default position is a clear blue sky. And your body’s default is a peaceful ocean.


Your default is harmony and balance.


So, whilst most people strive to “get” things or manipulate their environments to bring happiness. (The bigger house, the latest phone, the new dress), the only real way to find fulfilment is from within


It’s inside-out living.


Think about it…


How many times today has your inner state of feelings and thoughts already influenced your perception of the outside world?


So changing things on the outside does very little to improve your life if your sky of thoughts is not clear inside. And your ocean of feelings is not calm.


With a clear sky and a calm ocean, the world suddenly becomes a different place.


I’m off to focus on blue skies and calm oceans.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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