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Boiling frogs, whining dogs and clinging crabs copy

What you will get: A reflection on people trying to hold you back in life.


“Boiling frogs, whining dogs and clinging crabs”


Have you ever tried boiling a frog?


You see, if you just try to throw it in boiling water, it will jump out!


But if you put the frog in cold water, and heat the water gradually, the poor little green thing will stay in the water until its legs are good to eat at a French fine dining restaurant!


Many people are the same.


So many people gradually let their life around them slip into boring routine, until 1 day they realise they have been unhappy for a long, long time.


Now let me tell you about the whining dog story…


One day, Up the happy dog, was minding his own business, happily leaving his scent on somebody’s front garden.


Suddenly he heard an awful whining sound – so awful that it made his ears prick up and his tail drop in fear.


He instinctively ran in the direction of the sound and soon found a very sad, unhappy looking dog called Down.


“What on earth is the matter?” asked Up
“I have my paw stuck on this nail,” replied Down the dog
“So why don’t you take it off the nail?” inquired Up


At that moment, Down paused and thought hard about Up’s question.


“I guess I’ve just got used to it being there,” said Down.


Many people are the same.


So even when many people realise that life sucks, they do nothing. They are unhappy in their job. They are in the wrong relationship. Their health is suffering due to stress.


They do nothing about it – because they’ve learned to live with it. (and may even have become addicted to suffering)


Now thankfully, you and I are not like the frog or Down the dog. We both realise that you can always change.


Change the way you think.
Change the way you feel.
Change the way you behave.


And that’s where the clinging crabs come in.


You see, I live in a small fishing village, and every summer kids (and their parents) like to catch crabs from the harbour and put them in a bucket.


Once there are a few crabs in the bucket, invariably one of the crabs will make a move and try and climb out.


What do you think the other crabs do?


They cling onto the escaping crab and pull it back into the bucket!


Many people are the same.


So you have decided you don’t want to be a boiling frog or a whining dog. You have wisely chosen a path of lifelong learning, because you know you can always grow, change and learn.


As some of the “crabs” in your life see you do this, they will try and pull you back in the bucket.


Telling you it won’t work.
Telling you not to do it.
Telling you that you can’t change.


And what should you do with these clinging crabs?


Ignore them.
Refuse to be pulled back.
And set yourself free from that crab bucket once and for all.


Because only you can do that.


Your success partner







Steve Neale


P.S. No frogs, dogs or crabs were harmed in the writing of this Monday Motivation Message!


P.P.S Please don’t try to boil a frog


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