Is it time for you to release your true potential?

How to break the Shackles of Stress, Overcome Negativity & Bring Balance and Fulfilment to Your Life

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Time: 09.00-17.00 Each day
Date: 3-4 July 2018
Location: Bedruthan Hotel

Two Day



Steve Neale
Lead Facilitator

Limbic Leadership:

How to break the Shackles of Stress, Overcome Negativity & Bring Balance and Fulfilment to Your Life

Is it time for you to release your true potential?

Negative colleagues? Problems switching off? Meetings that feel like a waste of time? A team that isn’t engaged or supportive? Lack of trust in your organisation? Poor sleep and low energy?

Going home to a family that you don’t spend enough quality time with? Lacking purpose or meaning? Wavering Self Belief?

Can you afford to live like this for the rest of your life?

Join, Steve Neale on this two-day live training workshop where you will learn:
  • The secret to authentic leadership so you never have to fake a smile again
  • What Limbic Leadership is, and how it can boost the performance levels of you and your team
  • The most important lesson about stress that no-one is teaching you
  • The science behind why most people resist change and simple tools you can use today to overcome this resistance
  • How to become more self-aware and grow self belief. You’ll also get simple tools to challenge and change beliefs
  • A step-by-step method for understanding those things that matter most to you in your life – your values
  • How to overcome irrational judgements of others so you can create better results in relationships
  • The key element that drives behaviour, motivation and performance that most leadership courses don’t cover
  • An introduction to the Limbic Performance System (LPS) – a unique training system that has helped thousands of leaders in business become more emotionally intelligent, and more successful

And that’s not all!

When you join the training, you will also receive:

A 35-page personalised report (called the Limbic Performance Indicator) on how emotionally intelligent you are (worth £300).

  • It is a 180+ question assessment going through each of the 17 LPS scales to measure your emotional intelligence. The assessment result is a thorough, detailed explanation of what each result means, and which scales you focus your training on
  • This report will give you a score for each of the will tell you what you really feel about yourself, how well you relate to other people, how healthy your self-worth is, helping you to identify your strengths and areas you would like to develop.

Exclusive 24/7 unlimited 30 day access to Steve Neale’s LPS online video programme (worth £1,500) where you have:

  • Over 17 hours of training videos with Steve Neale on how to improve your self-worth, manage difficult people and negative relationships, reduce stress, increase trust and openness with people and manage conflict. Use these both in your professional life and personal life
  • This is an additional 20 DAYS worth of training content
  • 35 Action Sheets with over 300 proven tools
  • Lifetime access for you to use the content whenever you like
  • 9 Guided Relaxatrion sessions with Steve Neale
  • The LPS Implementation App: Use on smartphones, desktop or tablet. It’s specifically designed to track your progress as you move from one training module to the next (34 modules in total) & creates quantitative reports to directly link performance improvement & the LPS
These bonuses (worth £1,800) are only offered to those that join this live training.

This live training workshop is the foundation you need to then use the LPS and App in your daily life.

Then when you leave the workshop, you have over 17 hours of additional training with unlimited 30 day access - you take the classroom with you wherever you go.

There’s no risk of forgetting the training or searching for more tools. The LPS and App are there whenever you need them for 30 days – with an exclusive offer to then purchase a lifetime licence at a discounted price.

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Time: 09.00-17.00 Each day
Date: 3-4 July 2018
Location: Bedruthan Hotel

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Time: 09.00-17.00 Each day
Date: 3-4 July 2018
Location: Bedruthan Hotel –

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About Steve Neale

Steve Neale, the creator of the LPS, is an expert in a number of different psychological methods on how to master your self-worth. He’s one of Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth. He’s also a qualified physiologist, psychologist, executive coach, hypnotherapist, mindfulness instructor and emotional intelligence practitioner. Steve has developed a number of powerful tools that have helped thousands of leaders in business become more emotionally intelligent, and more successful. His books and online programmes are being used in more than 40 countries and his LPS Training Program won the DBIS Aware for Best Training in the South West Region.

Here’s what others are saying:

“I have worked with Steve on a number of occasions and have always found him to be truly inspirational. Steve delivers fascinating content with passion, commitment and total focus on results. Steve lives by his values and has always delivered a completely purposeful, authentic and empowering experience. Steve empowers and facilitates change that lasts. I have found working with Steve to be nothing short of life changing.”
Ben Bolton, Cornwall Council

“I have worked with Steve on numerous occasions now, and have also got to know him as a friend too. He is the most authentic and genuine person, and his passion for emotional intelligence (EI) training radiates out of him in abundance. His success rate in all of his training sessions is 100% and he literally changes people’s lives forever.There are many people that know about EI, but to touch people’s hearts and to teach this subject in the professional way that Steve does, is a true gift. He lives by his teachings and proves this daily by his ever moving forward expanding business and personal happiness. Steve is truly inspiring and a pleasure to know.”
Denise Kelley, Managing Director, DK Nutrition

“I still find it quite difficult to put into words the transformational difference that Steve Neale’s LPS Programme has made to me, but my attempt is as follows: Firstly, it has enabled me to become so much better at the leadership of myself, particularly through becoming more self-aware. I’ve also become much better at managing my energy. It’s also given me the tools to be a better manager, leader, wife, daughter, friend. Through becoming better at leading myself, I have more space for others and am not so unintentionally wrapped up in myself. What I have learnt on the course just appears to make life easier. I believe that on your LPS journey you are working with one of the best leadership trainers in the world, Steve Neale. Quite simply, it doesn’t get better.“
Liz Harrison, Senior Manager, Kent County Counci

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