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Expectations and Flexibility

What’s it about?:Flexibility and expectations


Stretching is good for you!


And I’m not talking about the physical kind (although that’s good too!)


I’m talking about stretching your expectations. Becoming more flexible in your mindset and approach to life.


You see…


Whilst it is good to have goals, if you set rigid expectations on how your life should be, it often leads to disappointment.




Because life rarely turns out exactly as planned.


Think about it…


Have you ever been really looking forward to something because you expect it to be amazing, and then been disappointed by the reality?


And this disappointment is generated by the gap between your rigid expectations and what actually happened.


For example…


The dream holiday which didn’t turn out as planned.
The perfect career that doesn’t meet expectations.
The ideal relationship which doesn’t fit with what you imagined.
The model parents which you never had.


So if you learn to be less rigid and more flexible with your expectations, you life will be contain less stress and disappointment.


Learning to…


Live life more as it happens and as it is in reality, and less as you expected it to happen.


Don’t get me wrong…


You can do so much to shape your life in a direction you want it to go. It’s just that as you shape it, if you retain a high level of flexibility you’ll find it much easier.


As I often say to myself…


“Life can be so much easier if you expect the unexpected.”


I’m off to make sure I don’t make too many rigid expectations of how my life should be and enjoy adapting to the reality that life presents me.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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