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Give or Take

What you will get:Reflections on the Humanity Bank Account


Do you Give or Take?


And what about the organisation you work for?


Is it a Giver or a Taker?


Fact is…


We are no longer living in the small tribes or communities that, before the age of travel and internet, dominated the way we lived.


We all live on one small planet now. A planet we all share.
And whether you like it or not, we are all connected as one community – Humanity.


Which brings me back to the important question of giving or taking.


You see…


There are essentially 2 types of organisations in this world.


Those that are net “Givers.”
And those that are net “Takers.”


The Givers are not just about profit and material wealth. They in some way contribute back to Humanity and the planet we live on.
They are helping “Worldcentrism” grow and develop.


They bring people closer together.
They challenge stereotypes and judgements.
They are concerned for people and the planet we live on.


And then there are the Takers.


Takers only care about profit and material wealth.
At best they are holding Humanity back.
At worst they are taking away from Humanity.


Damaging the people who work for them.
Damaging the planet we live on.
Only caring about the false belief that money means happiness.


And then there’s you.


Is what you do each day Giving or Taking from the Humanity Bank Account.


Are you contributing?
Are you taking away?


And how does this fit with your personal values – those things that matter most to you?


Research clearly tells us…


That humans are happiest when we are making a difference and giving back too Humanity.


So how happy are you right now?


In a world where we clearly need more Humanity Givers and less Humanity Takers, where do you and your organisation currently reside?


Worth thinking about, right?


I’m off to make sure I continue to give back to humanity and make sure my small contribution leaves a plus in the humanity bank account.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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