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Growth or Fixed Mindset

What you will get:Reflections on how your mindset is serving you


So I was watching TV recently…


A programme about the wealthy and successful in Dubai.


And one self-made billionaire was being interviewed about his success.


The interviewer asked him this simple question:


“What one single word captures the reason behind your phenomenal success?”


What do you think his answer was?


A 7 letter word that is the foundation of all of your successes (and failures) too.




The billionaire went on to explain how at the age of 14, he had decided that he would never experience again the poverty of his upbringing.


He created a clear and simple belief as a teenager:


“I will be a successful billionaire”


And from that day on…


He stayed focused on making that belief a reality.


It took time.
It took effort.
It took resilience.
It took focus.
It took creativity.
It took patience.
And it wasn’t always easy.


But he did it.


By the time he was 35 years old, his first billion was made.


So here’s the key question…


What mindset have you chosen and how well is it serving you?


According to Carol Dweck, there are basically 2 types of mindset.


Growth Mindset.
Limiting Mindset.


The Growth Mindset is based on beliefs that we ALL have untapped potential and the world is full of opportunities for us to release that potential.


To continuing growing.
To continue learning.
To continue succeeding.


And the Fixed Mindset?


Things are the way there are.
People can’t really change.
This is how it was meant to be.
Others get all the lucky breaks.


These are all typical beliefs of theFixed Mindset.


To demonstrate…


…how these 2 mindsets may differ, imagine you have a bad day at the office as a report you’ve been working on for weeks is rejected and needs to be rewritten.


And then you get back to your car to find it has a parking ticket.


And the traffic is exceptionally bad on the way home so you are delayed by 1 hour.


How might you view these events if you have a fixed mindset?


“What’s the point – my report writing sucks”
“That ticket’s just typical for someone with my bad luck.”
“Even the traffic is against me today, like most days!”


And if you have a growth mindset?
How might you respond differently?


“It will be interesting to dig deeper into the report and see what I can learn from this.”
“I’ll be more careful and make a note of my parking times next time.”
“The traffic is out of my control and gives me an extra hour to listen to my favourite relaxing music before I get home.”


Same situations.
Different mindset.


I’m off to nourish my Growth Mindset, expecting the best from life, continuing growing and embracing the opportunities I encounter every single day.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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