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How’s your energy?

What you will get: A chance to review your current energy levels


“Are you managing your energy spirals?”


“I feel tired most of the time”
“I just don’t have the spark I had when I was younger”
“I wish I had more energy”
“I just want to collapse in front of the TV when I get home”


Sound familiar?


Who doesn’t want more energy?


More energy to work.
More energy to play.
More energy to do all the things you want to do.


Over the last decade, I have coached thousands of fellow leaders, and one of the most common things people want to improve is their energy.


So where do you start?


Well the first thing to realise is that there are different types of energy.


There is your…


Physical energy
Mental energy
Emotional energy


And your…


Spiritual energy


Your physical energy is about your fitness, diet, weight and general health.


Your mental energy is about your mindset, positivity, optimism and general outlook towards life.


Your emotional energy is about how your are feeling day to day and the balance of positive emotions and negative emotions you have


And your spiritual energy is about your connection to something bigger – perhaps God, nature, a higher purpose or the universe.


And what’s more, the four types of energy are all connected.


Picture the scene…


You’ve had a bad day at work and are feeling irritated and demotivated (emotional energy)


…so you skip your evening run (physical energy)


…and you sit and worry about the problems of the day (your mental energy)


…and totally forget to get a sense of perspective on what really matters (your spiritual energy)


Before you know it…


You are trapped in a negative energy spiral!


But hang on a minute!


You can reverse this anytime you want!


So you decide to focus on 3 good things that happened today (mental energy goes up)


…and that triggers some good feelings and you start to smile (emotional energy goes up)


… which means you decide to go for that run after all (improves your physical energy)


…and whilst jogging you notice the beautiful nature around you and get a clearer sense of perspective of what really matters (spiritual energy is up)


In fact, you just activated your positive energy spiral.


So what will you do to manage your energy spirals from now on?


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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