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  • How can you be a great leader in business whilst still making time for your family?
  • What’s the secret to creating work/life balance?
  • Are outstanding results without stress possible?

Just 12 monthly payments of $166 for a 1 year unlimited access. And you get immediate access when you make the first payment.


You know what it’s like…


You’re tired after yet another boring, pointless meeting where the same people dominate the conversation

You’re never happy when, after turning on your out-of-office email, people still reply and ask for emergency feedback on quarterly reports.

And what you really hate? Stress has become a normal part of daily life and you just can’t switch off from work, even when you are not there.

And yet, remaining passive on how this impacts your life is your go-to response.

How much would you respect yourself and change your life if you were honest about how you really feel and took action to change it?


With the Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership (LPS), you can learn how to master:

  • your leadership of yourself
  • your relationships with others
  • your leadership of teams

This 30 module, interactive online training course, endorsed by the International School of Management, is engineered with tried and tested tools and exercises on 17 proven leadership performance areas.

It’s packed with more than a decade of leadership development experience, already successfully applied with more than 10,000 fellow leaders so you can:

  • Gain clarity in your life and understand those things that really matter most to you
  • Let go of “playing a role” for good
  • Develop healthy levels of trust and openness in your relationships 
  • Learn what really motivates people and why most leaders get it wrong
  • Get tried and tested tools that will motivate others
  • Create at least 40% more time for yourself by boosting your energy, focus and productivity
  • Use more time with friends and family and doing those things you love most in life
  • Rocket your bottom-line performance by creating a high performance environment
  • Learn to “switch off” from work in your mind, and get healthy, uninterrupted sleep
  • Boost your self worth and learn to really respect yourself for who you are (This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself)
  • Understand the science of why most people resist change and get simple tools to overcome this resistance
  • Learn how to coach others using a tested, 7 stage coaching model
  • Challenge and eliminate ‘negative thinking’ from your life
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people who ‘push’ your emotional buttons
  • Gain some simple, effective feedback tools to improve relationships and impact on results
  • Become more self aware and aware of how others are feeling and get simple tools to manage those feelings
  • Develop the habit of active reflection so you get valuable learning from all situations
  • Apply the latest research on positivity to boost your energy, health and effectiveness
  • Overcome irrational judgments of others so you create better results in relationships
  • Develop the art of interdependence, creating more win-win situations more of the time

And of course, as many fellow leaders have done already, all of these tools can be used in your family – sharing with your children and spouse the lifelong principles of leading an emotionally intelligent life. In fact a client recently told me her relationship with her teenage daughter had improved dramatically in just 3 weeks since she applied the feedback tools she got from Module 3.

The LPS doesn’t just make you a better leader of other people – it makes you a better leader of yourself.

Just 12 monthly payments of $166 for a 1 year unlimited access. And you get immediate access when you make the first payment.


And why wear a mask?

Most people have one personality for home, and wear a mask for the office. Once you really know who you are, the mask comes off, and everything else comes together.


Don’t play a role. Show up as who you are all of the time. You know somebody once told me, “It’s really hard work to not be yourself”


The Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership (LPS), is a culmination of over a decade of tried, tested and proven leadership development tools that have helped leaders in business master themselves, their team performance, and their relationships with colleagues.


The content won the Government Award for the Best Development Course in the UK and is currently taught on 5 International Executive MBA courses.


It is used by leaders in hundreds of companies including:

  • Barclays
  • Mars
  • Statoil
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Samsung

This leadership toolkit is saved for you in an exclusive online portal for you so you can learn anywhere and anytime.


And you know…

How often you go to a training course and end up forgetting most of what you learn? Well to solve that “honeymoon effect” I’m giving you lifetime access so you can repeat the modules as many times as you want.


And of course

There’s no need for you to carry any heavy material wherever you go. Everything you need is on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Here’s what a couple of recent clients said about the content of the LPS:


“I can only encourage you if you have a chance to listen to Steve
Neale and buy his life-changing products”

Morten Christensen
General Manager, Statoil Fuel and Retail


“Where is Steve’s secret?  In the quality of his products and material, which are immediately applicable with powerful tools. I have been fortunate to have been given this knowledge and experience by Steve and have taken a journey which has led me to make remarkable changes in my life”
Laima Puteikyte
Manager, Barclays


“The LPS is not just a leadership program – it’s a lifetime experience And Steve is not just a coach – he is a lifelong champion for each & everyone of us The LPS contains lots of simple & results-focussed tools and Steve is simply irreplaceable. This program gives clear added value for anyone who wants to be a better leader.”
Alla Adameko
CEO – Virgin People


“What’s my impression of the LPS online system? A well developed, systematic an interactive tool taking you step by step through a personal leadership journey. It is personalized in a way that every user can move forward at his or her own pace, coming back to the topic again and again, which helps to enhance and embed the powerful knowledge. It gives essential tools for anyone wishing to become a better leaders of themselves and of their relationships with others, to live a happier and more successful life. The LPS is amazing journey to happiness, turning my life upside down. I just wish I could have had at least a small part of this when I was still at school.”
Inga Buciuniene
Inga Buciuniene
Novo Nordisk A/S
Novo Nordisk Pharma UAB


Already thousands of leaders like you have used the LPS tools and:

  • Increased their staff retention
  • Smiled at the bottom line impact
  • Saw measurable improvements in staff motivation and performance

And then on a personal front…

They reported more quality time with their family, renewed connection with their spouse and at last a full night’s sleep!


As somebody who believes that we can all benefit from becoming even better leaders of ourselves and our relationships with others, then the LPS will give you valuable and easy to apply tools to help you increase your everyday effectiveness and performance levels.

To access all of this valuable material with me face to face would cost more than $13,000.

And now you can have it for just 12 small payments of $166 – and you get lifetime access to all of the above and much more!

Just 12 monthly payments of $166 for a 1 year unlimited access. And you get immediate access when you make the first payment.


What’s included for you:

– 34 modules exclusive video training with Steve Neale
– 17 hours of video training – the equivalent of over 20 days of classroom training content
– 9 Guided Hypnosis sessions with Steve Neale to help you embed the changes you want at a subconscious level
– Lifetime access to LPS, including updates
– 34 Review and Action sheets for developing outstanding leadership of yourself and others, with over 200 concrete tools
– A scientifically-proven journal that will increase your levels of happiness and well-being in just 30 days
– More than 600 slides of learning material
– An LPS implementation App to help you stay focused and measure and record your action plans and successful changes


And on top of this:

– Discover the 7 big mistakes people make when dealing with difficult people and how to avoid them
– Tools for giving and receiving effective feedback
– An understanding why most people get it wrong when working with motivation and how to really inspire yourself and others
– A 10 minute motivation toolkit with 10 concrete motivation tools
– Clarity on your purpose as a leader of yourself and others
– A step by step toolkit helping you improve your leadership on the 17 LPS performance scales, which are:

  • Reviewing how well your life currently meets your core human needs
  • Gaining clarity on your purpose in life
  • Understanding and aligning your life with what matters most to you (your personal values)
  • Boosting how much you value and respect yourself (self belief)
  • Overcoming unnecessary judgment and respecting others more
  • Increasing your self awareness and becoming more mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Understanding the “hidden” messages others send you so you understand others better
  • Becoming an expert at noticing and managing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy
  • Increasing your goal achievement through MotivAction
  • Boosting your adaptability levels to meet life’s changes and become a masters of change management
  • Learning to be the authentic you all of the time
  • Gaining more through understanding the value of altruism
  • Getting your levels of trust right in all relationships
  • Learning to become a master of interpersonal impact in all communication situations
  • Growing your ability to inspire others by understanding what are their motivation triggers
  • Understanding the secrets of real collaboration
  • Developing the invaluable habit of reflective action


Just 12 monthly payments of $166 for a 1 year unlimited access. And you get immediate access when you make the first payment.


With these proven tools you can:

  • Focus on business in the office, and focus on your family at home.
  • Increase your energy, focus and effectiveness, saving you precious time every day
  • Be respected by your colleagues for making both work and leisure a priority.

And what’s more

  • You can live a life that doesn’t include stress, worry, or frustration, but does mean you can take a holiday without your laptop!

And it shouldn’t be at the expense of your career – agreed?

Many leaders feel guilty about taking time off work to be with family, and vice versa. But when you become a master of leading yourself? You never feel guilt!


The Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership (LPS) is an investment in your future.


Start investing today and get immediate access.

Just 12 monthly payments of $166 for a 1 year unlimited access. And you get immediate access when you make the first payment.


Things worth investing in:
Colleagues who respect you
Weekends without work
Guilt-free family time
Admiration from your team
Outstanding results while doing what you love most


Things that are a waste:
A holiday spent answering emails
A life where stress and negativity are just seen as normal
Just accepting life as “ok” and giving up on your dreams
Always wishing you had more time
Feelings of guilt because of too little time with your loved ones
A job which doesn’t excite you every single day
Not making changes even though you know you are not really happy
Not releasing your true potential as a leader

Here’s to your investment in your future.



Steve Neale


“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


Creator of the LPS
Business Psychologist, Associate Professor, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Physiologist, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High Performance Leadership


P.S. You can start accessing the leadership tools already used by thousands right now giving you:

  • More time
  • More money
  • Less stress
  • More positivity
  • Greater confidence
  • The respect as a leader you really deserve
  • Outstanding bottom-line results

Just click on the button below to get instant, lifetime access to these proven leadership tools.

Just 12 monthly payments of $166 for a 1 year unlimited access. And you get immediate access when you make the first payment.