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What you will get: Clarity on how to stop burning cash


“Using KASH to save CASH”


Companies waste a fortune every year.




Because of an over simplistic view of training, development and performance.


You know the situation…


A member of the customer service team is not performing, failing to get the desired level of feedback from customers.


So what normally happens?


They get sent on a customer service course.
And then another one.
And then another.


But nothing really changes.


You see…


Until you truly integrate the KASH model into your performance criteria, you will keep wasting CASH.


And what does KASH stand for?




In order to be outstanding at anything you do, you need all 4 of the KASH elements to be in place…


You need the knowledge of how to do it.
You need to have the right attitudes (“I want to do it”, “I can do it”, “I love doing it”).
You need the skills to apply the knowledge.
And you need to have developed the right habits.


The problem is…


Most training only works with knowledge and skills.
And you and I know that attitudes and habits are often what cause performance problems.


So what can you do about this?


Make sure your trainer is competent and skilled at working with attitudes.


Make sure the training content works with the subconscious brain (responsible for changing attitudes and habits)


Engage a competent coach who can work with attitudes and habits.


And always, always, do a KASH analysis of the underperforming employee before you start wasting money.


Are you ready to use KASH to save CASH?


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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