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What you will get:Kindness


It’s a win-win every time!


And what’s more…


There are an increasing number of benefits to you – proven by medical studies.


And it’s so simple.


And normally free.


The magic word?




The kinder you are to others, the more you will benefit yourself.

And a simple act of kindness can come in many forms…

Helping out a colleague with a heavy workload.

Asking your elderly neighbour if she needs anything from the shops.

A genuine compliment to a colleague, friend or loved one.

Stroking your beloved pet with affection.

Not judging another person and truly trying to understand them.

Holding a door open and given a warm smile to a stranger.

The list goes on…


So you see…


Kindness is so easy.


And the benefits?


Well, aside from the benefits of the positive impact it is likely to have on the person you are being kind to, medical studies have now demonstrated that kindness will do the following things for you…


  • It dilates your arteries and lowers your blood pressure.
  • It decreases depression
  • It slows the process of ageing at a cellular level
  • It increases measured levels of happiness
  • It is proven to strengthen long term relationships


And another thing…


It’s contagious.
Kindness spreads.
Recipients of acts of kindness are more likely to then go on and act kindly towards others.
So why wouldn’t you actively incorporate kindness into your life?


I’m off to be kind today.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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