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Learning from a child

What you will get: A chance to re-learn some of the things you did naturally as a child


“When do you let your inner child free?”


It came to me after my second glass of wine.


Such a good feeling. I had just finished 2 days of emotional intelligence training with 30 warm-hearted Lithuanian social workers, and was sat enjoying a good steak and wine.


And then it hit me!


So much of what I teach to business leaders are things that children do naturally.


Until we as adults teach them not to!


So why not interview some school children on the wisdom of leadership?


The result?


3 months later, with the help of my close friend and colleague, Irma Liubertiene, I published the book “Leadership Through the Eyes of a Child”


A book packed full of simple wisdom from the minds and hearts of Lithuanian school children.


Here are just 3 of the lessons you and I can re-learn from children (I say “re-learn” because they were very natural to all of us at one time)


1. Play more and have more fun


Have you ever noticed how kids love to play?


And then play some more…
And then some more!


Are they just immature and foolish?


Absolutely not!


You see…


When you play and then play some more, you lose yourself in the act of playing, and you enter a state called the “flow” state.


The flow state is when you lose yourself in the moment of intense concentration and fun.


And being in the flow state has so many benefits…

  • The part of your brain responsible for self criticism and worrying about unnecessary things shuts down
  • You reach your highest level of achievement, concentration and performance when you are in the flow state
  • Your creativity increases dramatically and you will start to experience lots of new ideas


2. Kids want to understand things

“Why is the moon round?”
“Why is the sky blue?”
“Why do I have to eat vegetables?”


Kids ask “Why?” questions a lot.




Because they want to understand the meaning and purpose behind things.


And isn’t that a really healthy thing to do?


Unfortunately, many adults stop asking “Why” and just accept things as they are.


They stop asking vital questions like…


Why do I do the job I do?
Why am I so tired all the time?
Why have I given up on my dreams?


3. Smiling and laughing


A recent study showed that children laugh or smile on average 300 times a day.


How many times does the average, busy, business person smile or laugh each day?


Around 15 times!


So who is wisest here, kids or business people?


You see…


Each time you smile or laugh you release “happy hormones” like serotonin and dopamine.


So you feel happier, more focused and more energized.


So is it time for you to re-connect with your inner child?


I’m off to go and play and laugh until my stomach hurts. How about you?


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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