Limbic Leadership Program


How to overcome stress, negativity & become an outstanding leader of yourself and others

We have a unique program designed to release your potential and ultimately help you achieve anything you put your mind to. Our program, called The Limbic Performance System™ (LPS), is effective because it goes below the “behavior iceberg” to work with the drivers for how we lead, perform, and behave.

It is quite simple – if you want to produce lasting change in any area of life or business then you MUST go below the surface and change things in your subconscious brain (the Limbic System).

Namely it works with your attitudes, beliefs, values, emotions and thoughts. These are all things we do not see – but they all play a vital role in the behavior we show.

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san diego, california

  • Friday: 1:00pm to 5:00pm
    Introductions and welcome
    The Limbic Performance System and the link to performance and lasting change
    Purpose, Passion and Pathways – engaging your mind and body in a meaningful purpose that makes your heart sing
    Self Belief Part 1 – the 3 core ingredients of self belief

  • Saturday: 9:00 – 4:30pm
    LPI reports – your detailed feedback on your current strengths and areas for development on 17 developable scales
    Self Belief Part 2 – reprogramming your core beliefs and creating healthy self worth
    Values – the foundation of your life
    Values Elicitation Coaching and toolkit for activating your values in all aspects of your life

  • Sunday: 9:00 – 1:00pm
    Energy Management – dealing with stress and lack of engagement to take your performance to the next level
    A toolkit for understanding and managing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy and understanding how they are all connected
    Self Awareness – how to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions
    Next steps and time travel activity


    Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Del Mar/Solana Beach

    717 South Hwy 101 · Solana Beach, CA


Participate in the life changing program where you will get clarity on your life purpose, values, salf, belife and awareness.



You’ll take a 15 minute online assessment and get a personalized 35- page Limbic Performance System report. You can use this report to develop yourself any areas you decide you’d like to develop.


You’ll get a 1:1 coaching session with a qualified coach to walk you through the report and start the development journey..


Attend a 2-3 day workshop where you will get clarity on your life purpose, your values, your attitudes, self belief and awareness of self and others. You’ll walk away feeling more grounded than you ever have in your life & with a renewed sense of energy.


You’ll get a 1:1 coaching session with a qualified coach to discuss your reflections and how you will take your learnings forward.


Steve Neale, the creator of the LPS,is an expert in a number of different psychological methods on how to master your self-worth. He’s one of Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth. He’s also a qualified physiologist, psychologist, executive coach, hypnotherapist, mindfulness instructor and emotional intelligence practitioner. Steve has developed a number of powerful tools that have helped thousands of leaders in business become more emotionally intelligent, and more successful and has trained more than 20,000 leaders worldwide.

Alison Egeberg, Certified LPS Facilitator, Former HR Executive, Development coach, fitness & nutrition coach, wife & mom with her 15 years of hands-on leadership experience. Having sat in the C Suite chair of a dynamic, fast paced global Tech company and led a global HR team in a large MedTech company, she has experienced the many competing demands of day to day work and can help you find your purpose & align your life to your values. These experiences help her to easily relate and bring immediate impact to the people and organizations she supports change.

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“I met Steve first time in 2006 during my EMBA education where he was holding seminars about emotional intelligence. The topic and his way...
Morten Christensen, Senior Director, Statoil Fuel and Retail
“Usually, when you decide to invest in your own or your team's education, you expect a certain outcome. When your expectations are met you...
Olaf Martens, Company Owner and Director,
The highlight of 2013 for was of course Steve Neale’s Masters in High Performance Leadership which has already brought so many magic changes...
Laima Puteikyte, Manager, Barclays
“Steve is charismatic trainer and speaker, a great leader who inspires others to follow him. As a trainer he creates an incredibly good and...
Gabriele Kleinaite, Manager, Lithuania
There are two periods in my life: before and after I‘ve met Steve Neale and attended his training. With Steve’s help I‘ve “met” the TRUE ...
Anzelika Rudak, Country Manager, Studio Moderna
First of all, Steve Neale to me is a wonderful person. He is a Master of his art and a top class professional that will help you if you are...
Zivile Valeisiene, HR Director, Omnitel
I have worked with Steve on numerous occasions now, and have also got to know him as a friend too. He is the most authentic and genuine per ...
Denise Kelley, Managing Director, DK Nutrition
I started my journey into emotional intelligence with Steve Neale two years ago and now I cannot imagine my life without it. Steve has made a...
Rasa Dičpetrienė, Managing Director, Save the Children
“Steve is the best. I have never meet a teacher with such a drive and surplus. Steve teaches with his heart and that’s why he is so good at...
Niels Thorslund, Head of Region, Nordea Bank
"I have worked with Steve on a number of occasions and have always found him to be truly inspirational. Steve delivers fascinating content...
Ben Bolton, Manager, Cornwall Council
Steve Neale is the most professional and effective expert in developing people I have ever met. His passion inspires others to follow the...
Irma Liubertiene, Owner, Healthy Living Institute
“If I would have an chance to give a gift to everyone in this world, it would be the journey I’ve had with Steve Neale and the Emotional...
Saule Balciunience, HR Director, Statoil Fuel and Retail
“Steve is the most energetic and skilled trainer and coach I have ever met in my entire life; which is so far 50 years. He is...
Stig Villadsen, Managing Director, Villadsen Project Training
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