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Welcome to the Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership.


An interactive, 9 hour online programme packed with tried, tested and proven leadership development tools.


  • 9 hours of live filming with Steve Neale
  • 10 modules
  • 30 sections
  • Tools, techniques and tips on 17 performance areas focused on outstanding leadership of yourself , your relationships with others and your organization.
  • Lifetime access, including updates


This interactive online programme is packed with practical tips and tools, collected for you from more than a decade of working with thousands of leaders, so you can:

  • Understand what causes your stress and how to become more self aware
  • Eliminate stress from your life using simple tools
  • Gain clarity on your values and how to use them in everyday life
  • Follow a step by step toolkit for developing high self worth
  • Build your respect for others so you form stronger relationships
  • Become an expert on your own emotional states and how to manage them
  • Learn how to use simple coaching models for you to apply immediately
  • Become a better listener
  • Boost your motivation through positivity
  • Learn and apply the secret formula for work/life balance
  • Understand why people resist change and learn how to manage this
  • Say goodbye to playing a role and releasing the authentic you in all situations
  • Develop healthy levels of trust and openness
  • Learn the 7 big mistakes people make when dealing with difficult people and how to avoid them
  • Ensure you understand your core emotional needs and how they drive your behaviours


You also get:

  • A scientifically proven active reflection journal helping you to become a lifelong learner and remove all unnecessary negativity from your life
  • A comprehensive workbook packed with 74 concrete, evidence-based actions to help you boost your performance
  • Tools for giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Access to the secrets of effective conflict management
  • An understanding why most people get it wrong when working with motivation and how to really inspire yourself and others
  • A chance to review your own leadership style
  • Clarity on your purpose as a leader of yourself and others

As somebody who believes that we can all benefit from becoming even better leaders of ourselves and our relationships with others, then the LPS will give you valuable and easy to apply tools to help you increase your everyday effectiveness and performance levels.


To access all of this valuable material with me face to face would cost more than $13,000.
And now you can have it for just 3 small payments of $563 – and you get lifetime access to all of the above and much much more!

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