MHPL Alumni Master Class

Purpose, Passion and Pathways

Is it time for you to release your true potential?

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Date: 19 - 21 September 2018
Location: Cheddar Woods Resort and
Spa (near Bristol Airport)



Steve Neale
Lead Facilitator

Purpose, Passion and Pathways:

Revisiting your Purpose and Your Toolkit to Take Your Life to the Next Level

Is it time for you to release even more of that potential you have within?

Ready for 3 days of inspiration, relaxation, good energy, like - minded friends and new growth?

Ready to take your life up to the next level?

Join Steve Neale and your MHPL Colleagues for 3 days of brand new life - shifting material

Key Themes:

  • MotivAction Redefined
  • Fearless
  • Letting Go – the Emotional Ladder of Fulfilment
  • Shaping your Environment
  • Self Belief – the Next Level
  • Kindness and Altruism
  • Appreciative Enquiry
  • Making Growth Your Goal
  • Mental Health – Taking Care of Mind and Body

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MotivAction Redefined

Still looking for greater clarity on your purpose? Still looking the tools and conviction to smash through your fear barriers? Then let’s revisit your WHY on a whole new level, gaining insights from your limbic brain that will both help you connect with your why and give you the confidence to take action. Good things will come from this and there may be some surprises along the way.


Inspired by Steve and Raz’s new book, Fearless, this session will look at why FEAR plays such a key role in shaping people’s lives. And how understanding this fear and fearing less with give you new levels of freedom and fulfilment.

Letting Go – the Emotional Ladder of Fulfilment

The opposite of hate is love. The opposite of fear is excitement. Th opposite of sadness is joy. And these contrasting emotions are more similar than you may think – triggering similar pathways in your brain. Learn how to turn the switch and experience more positive emotions in your life.

Shaping your Environment

Will Power doesn’t work! There is only so long you can stick to the right diet, maintain your exercise plan and overcome negativity using will power alone. So the key to sustaining those new habits you want to form lies elsewhere. It lies in your environment. In this powerful session learn how to shape, choose and influence your environment so you no longer have to hang out with the ducks. It is your time to fly with the eagles.

Self Belief – the Next Level

Let’s take it to the next level, and revisit with fresh glasses this vital foundation of your life. We will explore the mind body connections and look at how Self Belief is so closely connected to your Purpose.

Kindness and Altruism

Overlapping the topics of Self Belief and Purpose, we will look at the scientifically proven benefits of kindness. And you will create a personal action plan to boost your serotonin and dopamine levels every day.

Appreciative Enquiry

The questions you ask yourself and others play a key role in determining your happiness and success in life. AI is a proven technique for reframing your world using skilfully chosen questions. An invaluable toolkit for you to take away.

Making Growth Your Goal

What would your life look like if the key goal was growth? Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful people and discover that there is a formula to real success – growth.

Mental Health – Taking Care of Mind and Body

Perhaps Steve’s most personal and powerful session ever. An authentic and heartfelt sharing of my challenging journey over the last 12 months and the invaluable learning we can all benefit from.

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Practical Information:

Time: 09.00-17.00 Each day (plus evening activities)
Date: 19,20 and 21 September 2018
Location: Cheddar Woods Resort and Spa (near Bristol Airport)


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