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Negative Questions to Gain Clarity

What you will get: Reflections on what you want from life


“What don’t you want?”


And more to the point…


Why don’t you want it?


You see…


We are surrounded by a world of negativity.


And research from the field of Positive Psychology has shown that, because we are exposed to this negativity from an early age, most people’s brains are trained to focus on what is wrong.


And that’s why…


It can sometimes be difficult to focus on the positive things in life and what you really want from your journey.


Indeed, one of the big areas I help people explore on my Virtual Masters Leadership Programme is what to they really want from life.


And most people find that really difficult to answer this question to begin with.


Maybe because of the daily negative messages they are surrounded by, it’s hard to suddenly make that switch to positive thinking


So one way to start finding the answer to the question of what you really want from life is to ask yourself…


“What don’t I want?”


and then ask…


What are the things that trigger negative feelings in me?
When am I most bored?
What irritates me?
What do I least like doing?
What gets me angry?
What do I most dislike about my life right now?
What type of people do I least like hanging around with?
What are the qualities I most dislike in people?


And of course…


By answering these questions, you are also providing answers to what you do like and what you really want.


So take 10 minutes, get a blank piece of paper, start writing down some of the things you don’t like or want in your life,


And then…


Turn the whole thing upside down.


Write down all the opposites.


And what’s more…


This is the first, essential step in creating what you really want from your life.


You see…


Resistance is created form lack of clarity.


So until you can be really clear on what you do want, you will have internal resistance.


But as those clouds begin to clear and the blue sky emerges, suddenly you know where you want to go and why you want to go there.


And then…


You can start to make your step by step plan of how to get there.


I’m off to get more of what I really want from life. How about you?


To your success.







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