An overview of our leadership and team development approach for Novo Nordisk:

A warm welcome to all members of the Novo Nordisk team.

I have made this short video to give you an overview of the Leadership and Team Effectiveness Frameworks myself and my team have been using with Novo Nordisk for many years. The video also explains the way we would work together, with an emphasis on Co-creation and Measurable Results.

All programmes we provide can be provided globally in English, Danish and German and are offered in blended formats, including live Online Workshops, Leadership and Team Measurement Tools, comprehensive Online Video Portals, Face to Face Workshops and 1 to 1 Coaching.

Just a few of the typical areas previous leadership and team development programmes have focused on are:

  • Increasing Clarity of Purpose, ensuring all team members are engaged with the same destination
  • Activating Novo Values to create aligned behaviours and results
  • Adapting Teams to working in a Hybrid Format, nourishing the Human Foundations of face to face and virtual teams
  • Developing feedback culture using the Feedback Bank Account so team members feel recognised and motivated
  • Building Trust and Openness to create an environment where staff speak openly and honestly about how they feel
  • Creating a Mindset of Realistic Optimism to grow a healthy, productive team climate
  • Introducing effective Energy Management Tools to reduce Stress
  • Developing different styles of Leadership, including a Coaching Style to grow autonomy, responsibility and proactive working
  • Embedding effective Conflict Handling techniques to minimise game playing and misunderstandings
  • Increasing Agility and Flexibility through a proven 3 step Change Management Approach
  • Developing Self Belief to overcome Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome and Micro-Management

Before any collaboration starts, there will be a thorough Needs Analysis, making sure we have clarity on your desired outcomes and authentic commitment from your leaders and teams.

And to get started, I'd like to invite you to a Discovery Call with me to clarify what you'd like to achieve and how we will measure the successful outcomes.

Just email me at and we can grab that virtual coffee call soon.

With thanks
Steve Neale

Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, International Author, Speaker and Trainer Creator of the Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership and Teams

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