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Pressure & Performance

What you will get: Reflections on Performance and Pressure


You need it!


And if you don’t get enough…


You will become lazy. Bored. Demotivated.


But if you get too much, then your health, focus, and effectiveness will all suffer.


I am, of course, talking about…




The amount of pressure you have on you is directly related to your performance.


So with no pressure at all, you become bored and your performance levels are low.


If the demands on you increase, you go into your comfort zone.


Life is good.
Life is relatively easy.
Life is relaxed.


But you know you could do more, right?


So pile on a little more pressure, and you go into your s-t-r-e-t-c-h zone.


And it’s in your stretch zone that you reach peak performance.


In the zone.


But here’s the problem…


You can’t stay in the stretch zone for long periods – so you must remember to step back into your comfort zone from time to time.


Take your foot off the gas.
Ease the pressure.
Remember to switch off.


And if you don’t?


Then you step into the Strain Zone.


And the Strain Zone is where your performance levels start to go down…


You lose your patience easier.
You snap at your kids when they did no wrong.
You lose focus.
You become forgetful.
You find it difficult to really ‘switch off’
You keep waking up in the night.
You start to lose perspective – the smallest thing seems likes the end of the world.


And then there are the physical warning signs….


Digestive problems.
Back pains.
Acid reflux.


In short, you have started to experience STRESS.


And the pressure continues to build…
You spend a long period in the Strain Zone.
You don’t take action.


There’s only one place to go after this….


The Crisis Zone!


Heart attack.
Panic attacks.


All typical when you hit the Crisis Zone.


So which zone are you currently spending your time in?
And how long have you been there?


Is it time for you to let go of some pressure?


Unload it?
Release it?
Let it drift away?


If so…


I’ve got something that will help you.


I have recorded a free guided relaxation for you called “Letting Go of Stress”


Click here to download it right now and start reducing that pressure today.


I’m off to juggle my time between my Comfort Zone and my Stretch Zone, making sure I stay an optimum level of performance long term.


How about you?


To your success







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


Psychologist, Executive Coach, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Creator of the LPS, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High-Performance Leadership

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