Leadership through the eyes of a child

Lessons in how to lead yourself from the wisdom of children


Several years ago I found myself reflecting on yet another fabulous leadership course – sharing tried and tested leadership tools with an amazing group of people.


And then it came to me in a flash!


So many of the proven principles and tools I teach senior-level leaders are things that young children do naturally.


Sadly, somewhere during our development journey from child to adult, we are taught to stop using these tools.


And that’s when…


The idea came to me.
Why don’t I write a book where we interview children about some of the emotional intelligence tools I teach others, and share their unique wisdom with the world.


And 6 months later, Leadership Through the Eyes of a Child was born.


11 vital leadership lessons and 38 proven leadership development actions to help you:


  • Review and boost your self worth and embed a positive self image
  • “Let go” of playing a role and be the authentic you all of the time
  • Learn to have more fun and revisit the childhood benefits of play
  • Boost your happiness hormones such as serotonin – so you feel great more
  • Learn to use one of your most powerful success tools – your imagination
  • Use proven ways to inspire and engage others using metaphors and stories
  • Feel the benefits of reducing judgment in your life
  • Understand how to switch your brain into naturally relaxing states that will boost your creativity and effectiveness
  • Create an action plan for increasing your resilience in challenging times
  • Become more mindful of the simple pleasures that everyday life gives you
  • Master the secret of “inside out” living – becoming a master of your own destiny rather than allowing your environment to determine your life

Combining more than a decade of tried and tested leadership tools with the simple, clear and rich wisdom of children, this book is a wake up call to all of us of what we can re-learn from children.


And you know…


Many of the thousands of people who already bought this book have told me how their young children love it to. What a great way to share and discuss the principles of living an emotionally intelligent life with your kids!


And here’s the great news.


All of the money raised from sales of this book is given directly to Save the Children, so they can continue and develop the amazing work they are doing worldwide supporting disadvantaged kids.


Taken from the book, here’s what Aiste, aged 5, had to say when we asked her about respecting others meant to her:


“Did you know there is a land. A land where everybody is very happy. Little men called elfs live there. The main elf is called Zuzu. He has a wife and 2 beautiful kids. His daughter likes music and she plays the flute at night. I can hear this music when I sleep. And Zuzu’s son is very brave – he saves all the animals in the forest. He takes care of all the trees and protects nature from bad people. I love this land. People could learn a lot from elfs.”


“It has made a huge change to, and is still changing, both my personal and professional life.”


Rasa Dicpetriene, Managing Director, Save the Children Lithuania


So, for just $14.95 you can gain instant access to this wisdom packed e-book and make a difference to an amazing cause.


Just click here to get instant access start applying the tools today.


To your success




Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


Psychologist, Executive Coach, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Creator of the LPS, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High Performance Leadership


P.S. If you’d like to know exactly how the money raised from this book is being used in Save the Children, just email me at


P.P.S. “People need to play more so there would be no wars” Juozas, aged 4.

Price: $14.95


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