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Reflection on typical training attitudes.

Prisoners, Holiday Makers, Pirates and Explorers…


…are all typical characters I’ve encountered in the training room over the last 20 years or so.


So what defines them?


First of all, the Prisoners


These are the people who feel trapped.


People who have been told to go on the training (normally by a frustrated manager who wants to “fix” their behaviors or attitudes)
People who do not want to be at the training.
People who see themselves as prisoners on the training course.


Normally Prisoners are ok as long as they don’t share their negativity too outwardly so it impacts on the other trainees.


And normally, after realising the training is beneficial for them they open the door of their cell and let themselves be free to explore the training.


Then there’s the Holiday Makers!


They see the training as a nice holiday from work – 2 or 3 days to relax, do very little and enjoy the food and drink at the training hotel.


Again, they are not usually too problematic as long as they keep relatively quiet and enjoy their holiday without trying to persuade others to join them as they sit back and relax.


And again, they usually leave their vacation early when they realise the training is going to benefit them.


So what about the Pirates?


These are the really challenging ones.


Pirates are often cynical.
Pirates have big egos.
Pirates often think they know it all.


And some typical behaviours of a Pirate?


Speaking too much.
Asking non-constuctive questions.
Interrupting others.
Not doing activities because they have decided they are not worth doing (even though they have never done them before so can’t possibly know!)
Challenging frequently.
And a number of other highly irritating habits.


And if not carefully managed by the trainer…


Pirates, like real pirates, can steal the training experience from others.


(By the way, most pirates are like tigers on the outside but are just pussy cats really).


And then there’s Explorers.


People who come with a positive attitude.
People who come looking to learn.
People who realise that life is full of learning opportunities every day and actively seek them.


Indeed – Explorers don’t just explore training, they explore life!


And of course…


Pirates, Prisoners Holiday Makers and Explorers also show these behaviours back at work.


In meetings.
In team events.
In decision making processes.


So next time you attend a training course, make sure you are in Explorer mode.


And don’t let the Pirates, Prisoners and Holiday Makers ruin your experience.


I’m off to explore my next training course and explore life.


How about you?


To your happiness and fulfillment.



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