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Reflections on the reality of forming new habits

It’s that time of year again!


New start.
New Year’s Resolutions.
Intentions of improving lifestyle and health
Better work-life balance
New diet
New you!


And so the list goes on.


So here’s the reality check.


There are 3 frogs sitting on a lilypad.
One of the frogs decides to jump off.


How many frogs are sitting on the lilypad?


Answer: 3.




Because deciding to jump is not the same as actually jumping, right?


Thinking about your new lifestyle will change nothing.
Dreaming of greater health and happiness will change nothing.
Wishing for greater financial freedom will change nothing.


To create lasting change, you have to change your habits.


And what’s needed to create a new habit?


First off, there’s got to be a big enough WHY?
A big enough motivation to change.
A big enough purpose for the change.


And on top of that…


Your subconscious beliefs have got to be reprogrammed so they are in line with the lasting change.


For example…


There’s no point in aiming to make yourself a $1,000,000 this year if your internal beliefs about wealth are only comfortable with you having $10,000 in your bank account. So you need to reprogramme your internal wealth thermostat to match your goal.


And then add on to that…


…Your limbic system’s resistance to change (your subconscious brain resists change until it FEELS the benefit of it)


…Your limited capacity to use your focus and willpower (studies show we all have a limited amount of will power that will help us stay on track).


Then of course there’s…


Procrastination and
Weapons of Mass Distraction (social media and useless TV for example)


And what about…


All the people around you who don’t want you to change.


In sum?


Habit change is not easy.
There is no magic wand.
There is no quick fix.


But, with the right tools and…


With focus.
With time.
With energy.


You can make 2017 an absolutely amazing year for you.


You can create the results you wish for.


You can make your dreams an achievable reality.


And I want to help you.


That’s why I’m kicking off 2017 with an invitation a free webinar with me:


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3 February 2017 at 14-15.00 Central European Time


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And let’s make 2017 the year you really do make your dreams come true!


To your happiness and fulfillment in 2017 and beyond.






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Steve Neale
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