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With over 10 years of event speaking experience, Steve provides life-changing, inspirational sessions ranging from 1 hour conference talks to 3 day Master Classes and Seminars.

Steve’s unique combination of knowledge, practical experience, evidence-based tools and inspiring and authentic presentation style has already been used by top international companies like Samsung, Barclays, Mars, GSK, Statoil and Pfizer.

“Steve is definitely the best trainer, coach and presenter I have ever met.”
Rasa Dicpertriene, Managing Director, Save the Children


No honeymoons please!


You know how many talks and training courses can seem quite good at the time, but in reality most if not all people fail to take action and go back to their old habits soon afterwards? This is commonly referred to as the “honeymoon effect”.

Steve’s talks and Master Classes are different. Why? Because not only does Steve inspire people to take action, but he also provides clear tools that work with the part of the brain responsible for lasting change – the Limbic System.

“I have had the pleasure on many occasions to witness and employ Steve as speaker in conferences. Even if people only see and listen to him for an hour it already makes people start to think and behave differently – he just makes a difference”
Morten Christensen – General Manager, Statoil Fuel and Retail


Following a detailed and free needs analysis talk with you, Steve will ensure all talks and Master Classes are tailored specifically to your team and organisation..

The humorous passionate and engaging way Steve will give you practical and easy to apply tools at each session will leave your team feeling inspired and ready to take action immediately – with a view on sustainable change!


A typical Master Class with Steve with Steve could be on:


Leading Yourself – applying emotional intelligence to become an outstanding leader

Effective Team Performance – building and sustaining outstanding teams

Change Management – why most change is hard and how to make it easier

Motivation that Works – why there is a gap between what business things and what psychology knows about motivating staff

Stress and Performance – understanding, managing and reducing stress to boost performance

Coaching for Leaders – how to become an outstanding coach and develop a coaching style of leadership

For more information on any of these topics and others, just fill in the details at the top of this page.

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“I met Steve first time in 2006 during my EMBA education where he was holding seminars about emotional intelligence. The topic and his way...
Morten Christensen, Senior Director, Statoil Fuel and Retail
“Usually, when you decide to invest in your own or your team's education, you expect a certain outcome. When your expectations are met you...
Olaf Martens, Company Owner and Director,
The highlight of 2013 for was of course Steve Neale’s Masters in High Performance Leadership which has already brought so many magic changes...
Laima Puteikyte, Manager, Barclays
“Steve is charismatic trainer and speaker, a great leader who inspires others to follow him. As a trainer he creates an incredibly good and...
Gabriele Kleinaite, Manager, Lithuania
There are two periods in my life: before and after I‘ve met Steve Neale and attended his training. With Steve’s help I‘ve “met” the TRUE ...
Anzelika Rudak, Country Manager, Studio Moderna
First of all, Steve Neale to me is a wonderful person. He is a Master of his art and a top class professional that will help you if you are...
Zivile Valeisiene, HR Director, Omnitel
I have worked with Steve on numerous occasions now, and have also got to know him as a friend too. He is the most authentic and genuine per ...
Denise Kelley, Managing Director, DK Nutrition
I started my journey into emotional intelligence with Steve Neale two years ago and now I cannot imagine my life without it. Steve has made a...
Rasa Dičpetrienė, Managing Director, Save the Children
“Steve is the best. I have never meet a teacher with such a drive and surplus. Steve teaches with his heart and that’s why he is so good at...
Niels Thorslund, Head of Region, Nordea Bank
"I have worked with Steve on a number of occasions and have always found him to be truly inspirational. Steve delivers fascinating content...
Ben Bolton, Manager, Cornwall Council
Steve Neale is the most professional and effective expert in developing people I have ever met. His passion inspires others to follow the...
Irma Liubertiene, Owner, Healthy Living Institute
“If I would have an chance to give a gift to everyone in this world, it would be the journey I’ve had with Steve Neale and the Emotional...
Saule Balciunience, HR Director, Statoil Fuel and Retail
“Steve is the most energetic and skilled trainer and coach I have ever met in my entire life; which is so far 50 years. He is...
Stig Villadsen, Managing Director, Villadsen Project Training
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