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Anzelika Rudak

There are two periods in my life: before and after I‘ve met Steve Neale and attended his training. With Steve’s help I‘ve “met” the TRUE ME.

Not that I didn‘t know “Who I Am” before, I‘ve simply got the courage to share this with the world in a way that builds relationships. I’ve learned how to recognize and manage my emotions, which reduced my stress levels so that I’ve forgotten I’ve had issues with falling asleep. I’ve got a clear understanding that the diversity of people who surround me is a benefit, not something, which needs to be changed and adopted to my personality. I fell in love with change and the words “Every time you try something new, you grow” are with ne each day. As a consequence of knowing Steve I have grown and I continue growing as a person and as well, as a Leader to my people, which is being recognized by my team as well as friends.

Where is Steve’s secret? In the quality of his products and material, which are immediately applicable with powerful tools. In the warm and trustworthy atmosphere which Steve creates with his sparkling energy and the unique way he interacts with an audience. which can’t be explained in words, but has to be be experienced huge Quite simply, learning from Steve has changed my life.

I am writing these words with a happy smile on my face and very grateful heart. I consider myself being really blessed for the chance in my life to get connected with such a great person and such an amazing professional as Steve Neale.

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