“I met Steve first time in 2006 during my EMBA education where he was holding seminars about emotional intelligence. The topic and his way of presenting it made it to the best module at the whole EMBA program. Steve’s dedication to the topic and his way of presenting makes him absolute unique as teacher/professor/coach. Later I had the pleasure to hire  Steve for holding a motivational program for top managers in Statoil in Lithuania which also included coaching sessions before and after the seminar. That seminar helped a lot to all leaders to use EI much more in their daily work and leadership with much higher focus on coaching of own subordinates. The impact it had on the motivation of the whole organization was amazing.
I have had the pleasure more times to meet Steve as speaker in conferences. And even people only see and listen to him for an hour it already makes most people start to think and behave differently – he makes a difference”.

“I can only encourage all if they have a chance to meet him or listen to him or buy his life changing products”

Morten Christensen, Senior Director, Statoil Fuel and Retail

“Usually, when you decide to invest in your own or your team’s education, you expect a certain outcome. When your expectations are met you will say about your teacher that he or she is highly professional, both in method and knowledge. But what do you say when your expectations are exceeded by a very large margin? When you learn things you have never imagined you can learn? When your teacher guides you on a completely new journey? When you feel that he actually helped you to change your life? That is what you get when you experience Steve Neale”

Olaf Martens, Company Owner and Director,

The highlight of 2013 for was of course Steve Neale’s Masters in High Performance Leadership which has already brought so many magic changes into my life and I know that this is only a beginning. I feel that this was the best investment that I have ever made. I know were I want my ladder to be prompted and I feel that with the Masters paper I am going to start climbing it!

Steve Neale is a professional who has studied, researched and put into one backpack everything that you need to know and experience in your journey to discover the land of Emotional Intelligence and leadership. The weight of the backpack is barely noticeable as Steve has chosen the most memorable scientific facts in a simple language of pictures, stories and metaphors. I have been fortunate to have been given this knowledge and experience by Steve and taken the journey which has led me to make remarkable changes in my life

Laima Puteikyte, Manager, Barclays

“Steve is charismatic trainer and speaker, a great leader who inspires others to follow him. As a trainer he creates an incredibly good and trustful atmosphere, creating openness and trust. As a person Steve is totally authentic – he teaches and lives the same.

Steve is very experienced, engaging and inspiring and has helped changed the lives of many people.”

Gabriele Kleinaite, Manager, Lithuania

There are two periods in my life: before and after I‘ve met Steve Neale and attended his training. With Steve’s help I‘ve “met” the TRUE ME.

Not that I didn‘t know “Who I Am” before, I‘ve simply got the courage to share this with the world in a way that builds relationships. I’ve learned how to recognize and manage my emotions, which reduced my stress levels so that I’ve forgotten I’ve had issues with falling asleep. I’ve got a clear understanding that the diversity of people who surround me is a benefit, not something, which needs to be changed and adopted to my personality.  I fell in love with change and the words “Every time you try something new, you grow” are with ne each day. As a consequence of knowing Steve I have grown and I continue growing as a person and as well, as a Leader to my people, which is being recognized by my team as well as friends.

Where is Steve’s secret?  In the quality of his products and material, which are immediately applicable with powerful tools. In the warm and trustworthy atmosphere which Steve creates with his sparkling energy and the unique way he interacts with an audience. which can’t be explained in words, but has to be be experienced huge Quite simply, learning from Steve has changed my life.

I am writing these words with a happy smile on my face and very grateful heart. I consider myself being really blessed for the chance in my life to get connected with such a great person and such an amazing professional as Steve Neale.

Anzelika Rudak, Country Manager, Studio Moderna

First of all, Steve Neale to me is a wonderful person. He is a Master of his art and a top class professional that will help you if you are interested in how to become both more successful person and leader. He communicates ideas in such a simple and easy to understand way that miracles happen! They happen not because Steve has a magic wand, but because he leads you brilliantly through the journey of self-understanding and understanding of others.

Steve definitely has a clear purpose in life. Do you? If not (yet) and you are reading this – you are in the right place. I can’t think of any other person better than Steve Neale to help you find that purpose for your life.

Zivile Valeisiene, HR Director, Omnitel

I have worked with Steve on numerous occasions now, and have also got to know him as a friend too.

He is the most authentic and genuine person, and his passion for emotional intelligence (EI) training radiates out of him in abundance. His success rate in all of his training sessions is 100% and he literally changes people’s lives forever.

There are many people that know about EI, but to touch people’s hearts and to teach this subject in the professional way that Steve does, is a true gift. He lives by his teachings and proves this daily by his ever moving forward expanding business and personal happiness.

Steve is truly inspiring and a pleasure to know.

Denise Kelley, Managing Director, DK Nutrition

I started my journey into emotional intelligence with Steve Neale two years ago and now I cannot imagine my life without it.
Steve has made a huge positive change to me and what he has taught me is still changing both my personal and professional life.
I respect and admire Steve’s enthusiasm and I fully believe in what he does. He is definitely the best trainer, coach and presenter I have ever met.

Rasa Dičpetrienė, Managing Director, Save the Children

“Steve is the best. I have never meet a teacher with such a drive and surplus. Steve teaches with his heart and that’s why he is so good at it !”

Niels Thorslund, Head of Region, Nordea Bank

“I have worked with Steve on a number of occasions and have always found him to be truly inspirational. Steve delivers fascinating content with passion, commitment and total focus on results. Steve lives by his values and has always delivered a completely purposeful, authentic and empowering experience. Steve empowers and facilitates change that lasts.  I have found working with Steve to be nothing short of life changing.”

Ben Bolton, Manager, Cornwall Council

Steve Neale is the most professional and effective expert in developing people I have ever met. His passion inspires others to follow the example he sets – an example of how to distinguish and live a life of purpose, how to connect to your personal values and become a much happier and more authentic person in all areas of your life.

Having the honour of three years of knowing Steve for 3 years, I’m very proud to say that it is the most valuable experience I have ever had – the difference around the world he is making is tremendous. More than 10,000 people already engaged with his Emotional Intelligence courses and his recommendation rate is 100%.”

Irma Liubertiene, Owner, Healthy Living Institute

“If I would have an chance to give a gift to everyone in this world, it would be the journey I’ve had with Steve Neale and the Emotional Intelligence philosophy he is spreading. I feel privileged and very grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet Steve, to learn, grow and become a happier person. Time spent with Steve in both formal and informal ways, is definitely one of the greatest, most enriching and rewarding gifts I have ever had in my life. The value you can gain from Steve as a human being, as a fantastic trainer and coach, as a person who radiates authentic positivity cannot be described in words, it can be only felt by joining his inspiring journey to have a life of purpose. Steve’s great  energy and strong desire to help people move forward is changing the world and making it a better place.”

Saule Balciunience, HR Director, Statoil Fuel and Retail

“Steve is the most energetic and skilled trainer and coach I have ever met in my entire life; which is so far 50 years.
He is extremely dedicated to help people and shows a deep and genuine interest in every single person around him.
He has had and will continue to have a big impact on my life”

Stig Villadsen, Managing Director, Villadsen Project Training

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