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What you will get:Why EI and Coaching matter in Leadership








In sales?


In loyalty?


What I can tell you from my 20 years of experience as a leadership trainer, coach and consultant – is that poor leadership costs!


If fact, for me it is often the key reason why organisations fail.


Let’s take this real example…


From my book,

Emotional Intelligence Coaching…


“A team of sales consultants in financial services, who have been working together for two years, are told they are being bought out by a bank. Naturally this triggers an anxious response amongst the team – with some uncertainty about what this means.
When the new Director and his team take over, the sales team are called to a meeting. They are told their jobs are safe but that they need to tell their clients something that is blatantly not true.
For most of the team this triggers their values of credibility, honesty and professionalism. They are left feeling anxious and frustrated.
So the team approach the Director to tell him about their concerns. They were told in an abrupt manner that this is not negotiable and they know where the exit door is if they don’t like it.
Not surprisingly, sales performance went down.
The Director’s response?
To call the team in and tell they they needed to start performing or “necessary action” will be taken.”


Now if this is not a case of diabolical leadership by the new Director, I don’t know what is!


Just think…


…how this could have been different, with 2 key ingredients added to the situation.


Emotional Intelligence and a Coaching Style of Leadership.


Clearly this situation shows a huge lack of Valuing and Respecting Others – one of the key foundations of EI.


Also, there is a clear lack of Other Awareness – the ability to empathise and understand the feelings of others.


There is also a blatant attack on the Self Worth of the team. The message is clear… “You’re ok as a sales consultant as long as you agree with our changes and do what we tell you.”


And what about…


Understanding and respect for the Personal Values?
Clarity on the new Company’s Values?
Respect for Emotions and support in managing them?
Clarity of Purpose in the new changes?
Listening to the concerns of the sales team and thus validating their value and Autonomy.


And this is just one small example of the many hundreds I have experiences over the last couple of decades.


Like I said – poor leadership costs!


I’m off to lead my team in an emotionally intelligent way, showing them respect and striving to understand them and help them grow through a coaching style of leadership.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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