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The Humanity Education System

What you will get:The Humanity Education system


Just imagine…


If everything we thought we knew about education was wrong.


That in our education systems worldwide, we scrapped (or at least re-balanced) the old fashioned and outdated focus on academic ability.


The history lessons where we are taught to regurgitate pages of leaned dates and events.


The maths lessons where we learn abstract equations and are segregated on our strengths and weaknesses.


The religious education lessons where we are taught about differences and what is right or wrong.


And instead…


The primary focus of education is for the good of humanity.


The Humanity Education System.


Where the lessons teach our children…


Emotional intelligence.
Social intelligence.
Spiritual intelligence.


Lessons in understanding and managing emotions.
Lessons in building trusting relationships based on respect and empathy.
Lessons in sharing and giving more.


Giving more to others.
Giving back to the planet.
Giving more precious time to those things that really matter.


And the result was…


More compassion.
More altruism.
More understanding.
More love.
More caring.
More collaboration.


And all of this had one overall purpose.


To make a positive contribution to humanity.


To the people you share this precious planet with.


And that means…


Less hatred.
Less judgement.
Less focus on differences and what separates us.


And teachers?


They are given the respect they deserve as key agents in sharing this new education system with new generations.


The true heroes of our society.


So when little Johnny comes home from school and you ask him what he learned today, he says:


“Today I learned how you can respect others and our planet more and let go of materialistic greed in your life.”


Just imagine if all this, and more, was what we educated our children in.


I’m off to reflect on how the world could be a very different place if we challenged and changed our education systems as they are currently.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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