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The LEAD Model

What’s it about?:The LEAD Model


How well do you LEAD?


I’m talking about in any of your relationships – leader, colleague, sibling, partner, friend.


You see…


Developing a coaching style of communication will lead to better relationships and stronger bonds between you and others.


And in order to do this, there are 4 core skills that will LEAD you to greater relationships.


Developing Rapport.


First of all…


You need to learn to become a great Listener. And I’m not just talking about pretending to listen whilst looking at your smartphone. Or even worse, “me too” listening where you just look for opportunities to jump in with your own stories.


I’m talking about intuitive listening – where you pay careful attention to the other person’s verbal and non-verbal communication and tune in to what your own intuition is telling you.


And what about Empathy?


For me, it’s the building block to all authentic and valuable relationships. Your ability to switch on your own “mirror neurones” and feel what the other person is feeling.


The Asking part of the LEAD model is simple – yet often executed so badly in relationships. It’s about asking great OPEN questions – questions that really encourage the other person to think and explore. Most likely questions that they never thought about asking themselves before.


And then…


Developing Rapport.


Your ability to connect with others by finding something in common.


The topics you talk about.
The clothes you wear.
The accent you use.
The team you support.
The shared interests you have.


And by the way, these 4 core competencies that will help you connect with others, are also the core skills needed to be a great coach of others.


I’m off to remember to LEAD more in all my relationships.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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Steve Neale
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