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The M Word

What you will get:A reminder of the importance of an ancient technique


The M Word


Something so simple yet so powerful.


Something that more than more than 1,400 independent scientific studies have demonstrated will:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Reduce the level of stress hormone (cortisol) in your blood
  • Reduce your risk of a heart attack
  • Increase your focus and creativity
  • Increase the levels of serotonin (happy hormone!) in your blood
  • Reduce any pain you may be suffering
  • Improve your sleep patterns
  • Reduce your risk of blood clots
  • Decrease your addictions (if you have any)
  • Increase your energy and creativity


And if that’s not enough…


It will change the structure of your brain so that your right and left
brains become more connected, your empathy region
becomes larger and your ability to remain calm in stressful
situations increases.


So what am I talking about?


(no, it’s not sex!)


I am talking about the M Word.




For so long a taboo word amongst the educated and scientific communities. New-age, hippy, weirdo, vegan stuff that is for losers!


Yet ancient wisdom has been educating us on the
benefits of meditation for over 6,000 years.


And finally…


Science is catching up and proving how beneficial it can be.


But there’s a problem…


So often I hear clients tell me that they have tried and struggled with meditation. That challenge of clearing the busy, busy, busy chattering mind from daily thoughts.


The frustration of trying to just focus on one thing, such as
your breath and clear your mind of the constant chatter.


So what if…


It doesn’t have to be this way?


What if, there was a different way to meditate which
made meditation more accessible for you?


Well there is.


Guided meditations.


Meditations where you just need to follow a voice and allow your mind to drift. And if you catch it jumping to an unwanted thought, just gently recognise this and bring your attention back to the guided meditation.


And these days there is no excuse.


Guided meditations are available in so many ways via
smartphone apps.


So find the one that fits you.


The right voice.
The right accent.
The right tempo.


(I myself have now recorded a number of Guided Meditations which I have shared with clients with amazing feedback and results.)


And the best thing?


To make measurable changes to your brain and start enjoying the benefits of meditation, you only need to meditate for 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks.


And that 20 minutes will save you so much time in terms of increased focus, creativity, and energy.


So why wouldn’t you meditate?


I’m off to embrace my daily meditation practice and benefit from the changes it will make to my brain.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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