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The Power of Stories

What’s it about?:The power of stories.


Something so powerful…


It creates.
It destroys.
It saves lives.
It kills.


And what’s more…


It’s unique to just one species on this planet.


The Homo Sapien.
(that’s you and me by the way).


And the unique gift (or dangerous weapon) us Homo Sapien’s have?


The ability to use our imaginations to create ideas and stories.


You see…


Right from the earliest records of how Homo Sapiens became top of the food chain, the key thing that enabled us to do that was cognitive ability and storytelling. Stories that created organised followship.


Until the power of stories was around, evidence shows us that our ancestors formed small tribes of up to 150 people and survived day to day in small communities. (that’s why some companies still try to keep department sizes under 150).


But then stories came along.


And many people believed those stories and became followers.


Stories based on fiction.
Stories based on lies.
Stories that deceive.


And small tribes became very large tribes.
Tribes with the ability to conquer and overpower smaller tribes.


That’s why…


Millions of people follow a certain religion and believe it to be the only truthful religion.


Millions of devotees will believe the stories of a politician and follow him into mindless war and destruction.


Millions of people buy into a certain brand because of the marketing stories we are told.


And remember…


These stories are not facts.


They are fictional stories. (have you checked out the latest Fake News channel today)


And yet…


The same imagination that Homo Sapiens use to create so much deception and destruction, has also been used to invent every object, tool, aid and gadget that surrounds you in the modern world.


So you and I have a choice…


We can use our imaginations to better the world we live in.
To create things that help others and the planet we share.


Or we can use our imaginations to create fictional lies and deceive people.
To manipulate and take advantage of others.


Think about it…


What are the stories you are told each day that you believe and follow?


And what are the stories you have created about yourself, based on beliefs and not facts.


Stories like…


This is the best car on the market.
This will be good for your health.
This is what’s best for the people of this country.
I can’t do that as I’m not talented enough.
I have to put up with this job as I have no choice.
It’s better to have an awful partner than no partner at all.


So, what’s your story?


And which stories will, you choose to follow today?


I’m off to be very selective about the stories I create and the stories I follow.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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Steve Neale
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