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The power of your thoughts

Just imagine…


You have a lemon in front of you.
A yellow, ripe, juicy lemon.


Now imagine…


That you pick up the lemon.
Gently feeling the texture of the surface of the lemon – the small dimples of the lemon’s skin.


Now imagine that you take a knife and slowly slice through the lemon, cutting it into 2 halves. And as you do you pay careful attention to the juicy segments inside.


And now…


Take half of the lemon and bring the juicy segments up to your nose and smell it. Taking a moment to notice that fresh, citrus aroma that you recognize so well as the smell of a lemon.


Now, in your imagination…


Gently place the lemon to your lips and begin to slowly taste the lemon juice.


And now, open your mouth and squeeze that sharp, bitter, citrus juice into your mouth.


Really tasting that sharpness right now.


Here’s a question for you.


Are you experiencing a salivation response in your mouth right now?


Chances are you are.


And that’s interesting, isn’t it.


Because there is no lemon.
You only imagined it.


Yet the power of your thoughts and your imagination was enough to create a physical change in your body.


Thoughts are powerful.
Thoughts are energy.
Thoughts determine the quality of your life.


You see…


Every day, you have 50-70,000 thoughts.


And each though is generated in the form of electrical energy in your brain.


And energy can’t be created or destroyed, only converted into a different form of energy (fundamental law of physics)


So your thoughts…


Create chemical changes in your body (feelings).


So ask yourself, are your thoughts each day creating good or bad chemical changes in your body?


When you are driving your car to work, do you choose to think about all the challenges you have, how annoying the traffic is once again and how you really don’t like your irritating colleague.


If you do…


…this will trigger a stress response in your body, increasing the levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your blood. You will start to feel a little irritated or some other negative feeling.


Or do you…


…choose to focus on the day ahead as yet another exciting opportunity?


Do you not notice the heavy traffic, instead choosing to use the extra time in the car to create new ideas and remember the fabulous evening you just had with a dear friend and how you laughed out loud.


If this is what you choose to think about, you will get a completely different chemical response in your body.


Oxytocin and serotonin will be released – both hormones that induce feelings of fulfillment and happiness.


So my simple message to you?


Be very careful what you choose to focus on and think about each day – it really does matter.


I’m off to focus my thoughts on what’s good in this world and all the exciting opportunities today will bring me.


How about you?


To your happiness and fulfillment.





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