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The truth about how to achieve your goals

It’s a scandal!


How so much complete nonsense is written and taught about how you can achieve your personal and professional development goals.


Things like…


“It takes 3 weeks to change a habit”


(there is absolutely no factual or scientific evidence to prove this!)




“If you visualise your goals every day they will become reality”


(Total nonsense – in fact if you visualise certain types of goal too much it will decrease your chances of ever achieving that goal – fact!)




“You should praise your kids for what they do, even if it is not good.”


(Wrong again! Definitely praise your kids for the qualities they have but NEVER give them unrealistic beliefs about their abilities unless you want them to grow up with a disappointment and rejection time bomb ticking away in their belief systems)




“This course will change your life in 3 days.”


(No it won’t because that is not possible – but it is an attractive claim that will make the so called “guru” behind the course a lot of money!)


And I could continue with more and more examples of false claims about personal development.


Claims with no research behind them.
Claims not backed by fact.
Claims not grounded in neuroscience or psychology.


So that’s why I am personally inviting you to my free Limbic Goal Achievement Webinar on 3 February at 14.00-15.00 Central European Time.
(Register here: )



And right now I want to share with you just a quick taste of some of the evidence-based tools I’ll be giving you at the webinar.


First off…


Did you know that the key to mastering Self-Motivation is managing your dopamine levels? (dopamine is a key hormone that will keep you focused and engaged when working on a goal).


And that’s why it’s essential that you break down all of your personal development goals into small steps that are realistic and measurable.


For example, I have helped thousands of clients develop their self worth over the years.


But you can’t grow your self worth in 1 week.
And setting a goal of growing your self worth means nothing in terms of specific actions, right?


But you can start right now by writing yourself a self worth letter .
A letter to yourself where you write about the qualities you have that you are proud of, the things you do that help others and the relationships you have that give you a sense of belonging and being loved.


And you can read that letter out to yourself when finished.


And this will give you a dopamine rush – it will feel good. And this feeling will motivate you to do more.


(I’ll give you the next actions you can take at the free webinar).


And here’s another proven way you can keep your self motivation high…




Priming is a proven technique, backed by neuroscience studies, which dramatically increases your chances of succeeding at a task.


And it involves priming your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, knowledge and competencies before you achieve something.


And how do you do that?


You learn from those that have already done it.


So, want to create financial freedom for you and your family in the next 3 years?


Then start by studying and learning from someone who has already done it.


Call them.
Read their books.
Watch their videos.
Attend their training.


And start your financial freedom journey today by taking some small, measurable steps.


(There will be more about priming in the webinar.)


So, if you’d like to know the truth about achieving your goals and you are serious about making lasting changes in 2017…


I’m going to show you how!


At a free webinar with me.




Limbic Goal Achievement Webinar with Steve Neale




3 February 2017 at 14-15.00 Central European Time


So click on the registration link below now to avoid disappointment and guarantee your place:



Let’s make 2017 the year you make your goals real by applying some proven tools from the world of neuroscience and psychology.


To your happiness and fulfillment.







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Steve Neale
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Psychologist, Executive Coach, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Creator of the LPS, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High Performance Leadership


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