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Tigger and optimism

What you will get: Clarity on the importance of being optimistically realistic


“How much do you bounce?”


I love Tigger!




Well many reasons, but not least because…


…he is an eternal optimist.
…anything is possible in his world.
…life is just one big bounce in his eyes!


But not everyone sees the world the way Tigger does.


You see…


Pessimism is like a disease.
It spreads. It provides social spin. It is the language of the media.


Here’s an example of what I mean.


We recently had one of the best summer’s for a long time in Cornwall, South West England, where I live.


In fact September broke lots of records. No rain. Sun every day. Warmest September for over 50 years.


And, as I’m sure you know…


The British love to talk about the weather.


But what struck me during the middle of this wonderful Indian summer is how most people focused on the negative side of the glorious September sun.


Comments like…


“This can’t last”
“It’s too good to be true”
“We are gonna pay for this in the winter”


Now I checked the science here – and there is absolutely no clear evidence that a hot September increases the chances of a really bad winter.


So this is just pure pessimism – why focus on the glory of a hot sunny September day when you can focus the negative side of life, eh!


I just don’t get it.


And here’s the problem…


Every time you think a negative thought or utter a negative statement, it fires your negativity nerve pathways in your brain. And as the famous neuroscientist Hebb proclaimed:


“Neurones that fire together, wire together”


So the more you focus on the pessimistic side of life, the more your brain becomes hard wired to do that more and more.


That’s why I love Tigger.


Can Tiggers bounce? Sure they can!
Can Tiggers swim? You bet!
Can Tiggers climb trees? Tiggers were born to climb trees!


And from my experience, this optimistic focus on life will serve you much better than always seeing the negative side of things.


In fact, it will hardwire your brain for opportunity and happiness!


Just one note of caution – extreme optimism all the time can mean you lose touch with reality. So I find a balance between optimism and realism is a good place to be.


And I think Tigger would agree.


In one of A.A.Milne’s famous Winnie-the-Pooh adventures, Tigger decides to prove to all his friends that Tiggers can climb trees.


And of course he can – he bounces straight up the tree.


Only to find…


He can’t get down.


Nevertheless, a life of bouncing has to be better than a life of complaining, right?


So, where will your bouncing take you today?


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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