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What’s it about?:Trust


It’s all about balance…


Too much of it can be a bad thing.
Too little of it can be a bad thing.


The “it” in question?




You see…


In order to develop healthy, lasting relationships in life, you need a healthy level of trust in others.


Trusting others enough to be open with them.
Trusting others enough to share your vulnerabilities.
Trusting others enough to be honest.


Does this mean you should trust everyone, all of the time?
That would just be naive.


And sadly…


There are people who will take advantage of the trust you put in them.


And what happens to you if your trust is betrayed?


Typically, you will have an emotional response which will teach your brain to mistrust people.


Or at least to mistrust people that your brain “connects” to the person who betrayed your trust.


(This could be as general as “I will never trust another man,” for example)


But too much mistrust is also a bad thing.


Never trusting people often leads to an isolated, miserable life.


Never opening up.
Never sharing your woes.
Never taking a risk in the name of love.


So you see…


Trust is all about balance.


Healthy Trust, as I call it, lies somewhere in between mistrust and too much trust.


It is about believing that people are trustworthy until they prove you wrong.
It is about looking for evidence that you can or can’t trust someone.
It is not generalising to all people if your trust was once betrayed by a …. (insert gender, nationality, name here)


And what’s more…


It’s about taking a risk.


In life there are no guarantees.
And this also applies to the trust you put others.


But, even if that trust gets betrayed once in a while, isn’t trusting others worth it for all the fabulous relationships you form on this exciting journey.


I’m off to practice healthy levels of trust in my relationships.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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