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Tune your Brains

What you will get: Insights into your different brains


“Point to your brain right now!”


So where did you point (or at least imagine pointing)?


Your head, I guess?


You see…


That’s not the only place you could have pointed to.
Back to that in a moment.


But first let’s consider what defines a brain?


An organ that has…


  • Millions of neurons
  • Neuronal plasticity
  • Connections to the whole body
  • A memory storage capacity
  • The ability to produce and regulate hormones and change “feelings” around the body
  • The ability to react and make changes independently


And your “head” brain certainly has all of the above.


But so does your heart.


And so does your gut.


So technically…


You have 3 brains…


A head brain.
A heart brain.
A gut brain.




Ancient philosophies have been telling us this for thousands of years.


It’s just that now we have the neuroscience to back up this ancient wisdom.


Think about it…


Why do we have such phrases in our language as…


“Go with your heart.”
“What’s your gut instinct”
“It was a heartfelt decision”


Because our language patterns are grounded in truth!


So your heart does create chemical changes in your body (feelings)
Your gut does have a instinct.


And we’ve all had times…


When our head, heart and gut brains are not aligned.


Your heart says one thing, your head says another.
The deal seems good on paper but your instinct says no.
You go with your hunch when logically it does not make sense.


So what’s the lesson here?


Respect all 3 of your brains and listen to them!


Because they all serve you and your best interests in different ways.


In matters of reason and logic and understanding, your head brain will help.


In matters of love, emotion and feelings, your heart brain is wise.


And for those big, life changing decisions, your gut instinct wants only what is best for you – so it will warn you if things aren’t right.


So I’m off to tune in to all 3 of my brains.


How about you?


To your success.







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


Psychologist, Executive Coach, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Creator of the LPS, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High Performance Leadership

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