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What you will get: An understanding of the dangerous victim trap.



“Don’t catch Victimitis”


It’s everywhere. And it’s spreading fast.


Do you know someone who’s got it?


What am I talking about?


The horrible disease of “Victimitis.” The contagious habit of blaming others and acting like a Victim.


Here’s some common symptoms I’ve heard recently:


“It’s the marketing team’s fault”
“I get so annoyed every time my boss does that”
“It’s just not fair how some people get all the luck”
“It’s just the way it is”
“I blame the government”
“The world’s in a terrible state”
“Things aren’t as they used to be”
“I’ll never be good enough”
“I wish I had more money”
“I never have enough time”


Any of those sound familiar?


You see…


Victimitis is a disease, and like most diseases it can be cured.




By developing a sense of personal power and taking charge of your life.


I call it “inside out” living – create the world you want in your mind then make it happen as a reality on the outside world.


But sadly…


Many people live an “outside in” life – passively responding to the negativity of the outside world and then complaining about it.


So, if you are unhappy with a boss/colleague/friend/human being/circumstance/situation…


What are you doing to change it?


For example, if you know people who have an annoying habit of interrupting you, have you taken the time to:


  • explain that they do it (they may not even be aware)?
  • tell them how you feel when they do it?
  • tell them the impact this has on you?
  • ask them not to?


You see, people are not mind readers, so complaining to others won’t change anything (but it will spread a little negativity around)


Now don’t get me wrong…


I’m not saying it is easy. But it is necessary.


Playing the Victimitis “blame game” is a lose-lose situation – nothing changes and you don’t feel any better.


And here’s another thing…


You can’t change other people.
Not today.
Not tomorrow.
Not ever.


So don’t waste your time and energy waiting for that change to happen


But you can ALWAYS change the way YOU think, feel and behave in situations. So focus on that, and create the world you want.


Give it a try – it really is that simple!


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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