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Reflections on the power of choice

It’s the most powerful word in any language!


And so often it’s misunderstood.
Or even worse, forgotten.


I am, of course, talking about…




According to one psychological study, most humans make around 450 choices every day.


Some of them small ones…


Shall I wear blue socks or green ones.
Shall I have coffee or tea?
Shall I watch a film or listen to the radio?


And some of them big ones…


Do I stay with him or leave him?
Do I take the risk and leave my job?
Do I move to Italy or not?


And then there’s another category of choice – hidden choice.


Those situations where so many people think or believe they have no choice.


And it’s these hidden choices that can make the difference between living life as a victim or taking control of your life.


So often I here people say things like…


“I wish I could do something else but this is all I know.”
“He made me feel so guilty”
“I am too busy to learn something new.”


And I just want to scream out loud replies like…


“So go and learn something new!”
“No he didn’t make you feel guilty – you chose to experience guilt.”
“You are never too busy to learn something new!”


You see…


You have a choice in pretty much every situation in life.


Don’t like your current levels of stress? Choose to change it!
Wish you had a more fulfilling job? Choose to retrain and get one!
Unhappy with your current relationship? Choose to do something about it!


Now, don’t get me wrong…


I’m not saying it’s always easy.


But you always have a choice.




Next time you find yourself unhappy? Choose to change it.


Next time you wish you had another job? Choose to look at alternatives and make a plan to act on them.


Next time you want more financial freedom? Choose to learn from those who have made their dreams a reality and then go get what you want!


Remember, you ALWAYS have choices, even if sometimes they may seem hidden.


I’m off to make some wise choices and continue creating the life I choose.


How about you?


To your success.



Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


Psychologist, Executive Coach, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Creator of the LPS, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High Performance Leadership

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