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Wisdom from Children

What you will get:Wisdom from the eyes of children.



“Did you know…


…that there is a land.


A land where everybody is very happy.
Little people live there.
They are called elves.
The main elf is called Luzu.
He has a wife and 2 beautiful kids.
His daughter likes music and she plays the flute at night.
I can hear this flute when I am sleeping.
Luzu’s son is very brave.
He cares for and saves all the animals in the forest.
He takes care of all the trees and protects nature from the greedy and bad people.
I love this land
People could lear a lot from elves.”


So, who is the person behind these wise words?


An American president?
Afraid not.


A great philosopher?


A company CEO?


These are the words of Kamile, a 5 year old school girl.


And then there’s…


…the wisdom of Rytis.


A 5 year old boy and expert on respect and how to understand people:


“When a child gets angry, sometimes he gets punished.
I don’t think this is fair.
If a child acts bad, you can always talk to him and understand and solve the situation nicely.
For example, when my friend interferes when I’m riding my bike, I get off and share it with him .
He drives a bit and is happy and then gives it back.
And he does not interfere any more.
That’s how we share.
Sharing is important.”


Not to mention…


…the world-renowned mindfulness expert, Nikolas (age 3), always ready to remind adults about the importance of living in the moment…


“Right now I’m eating a tomato.
I love tomatoes very much.
It tastes like a……hmmmm…red, juicy, a little bit sweet…very yummy.
It smells like grass.
And a bit like an apple and it is round and smooth like a ball.
Its is a red, yummy, grass ball!”


And then there’s…


One of the world’s biggest experts in peace talks, Juozas, who is 4 years old…


“People need to play more so there would be no wars.”


You see….


Several years ago I created the book, Leadership Through the Eyes of a Child, to celebrate the wisdom of children.


Wisdom that many of us adults forget or become cynical about.


Simple, pure, obvious wisdom.


I’m off to learn more from the wonderful wisdom of children.


How about you?


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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