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You might as well burn money!

How much money did your company burn last year?


100,000 EUROs?

250,000 EUROs?

Or was it more than 1,000,000 EUROs?>


You see…


Every company I have worked with has problems with performance.


The team that is always arguing.
The leader who dictates and creates a fear culture.
The sales person who knows it all.


So what do most companies do?


They try to fix the performance issues with training.


But training alone doesn’t work!




Well there are lots of reasons.


First of all, as I mentioned on a previous Monday Motivation, there are 4 key elements to performance.




And most training only covers 2 of these – knowledge and skills.


But in reality…


It’s often poor attitudes and the habits that form from these attitudes that cause performance problems.


And what’s more…


The training content itself is directed at the logical part of the brain. But it’s the limbic system (subconscious brain) that is responsible for all lasting change in people – not the logical brain.


So that’s a bit like trying to teach your team to learn in Chinese when none of them speak it!


Then of course there’s the honeymoon effect


We all know it.


You go to the training.
You have a great time.
You come away full of good intentions.


And what next?


There are 3,000 emails in your inbox.
You go back into your familiar work environment.
Everyone wants a piece of your time as you’ve been away training for 2 days.


The result?


You don’t activate what you learned, and the training is wasted.


And don’t ever forget the Ebbinghaus Effect!


What on earth is this?


Well, Herman Ebbinghaus did some valuable research into memory in the late 19th Century.


And what did he find?


People’s ability to recall information decreases rapidly.
In just a few hours, more than 60% of new information you have received is forgotten!


And after only 1 month you have forgotten more than 90% of what you learned.


Like I said, your company is burning money!


And then…


What about the staff who leave?


You invest in an expensive leadership course for 20 leaders.
3 months later, 4 of them have left.


And as they walked out they door…>


So did your investment!


Fortunately, there are solutions to most of these training problems.


Here’s my top tips that I incorporate into all of my programmes to ensure maximum return on investment for you and your company:


  • Direct all training content, via skilled activities, at both the subconscious and the conscious brain
  • Make delegates accountable for their promised actions – build in follow up result sharing to all training
  • Use 1 to 1 coaching as well as group work
  • Make sure you get people to share the training input with others soon after the event. The more you share with others, the more you memorise and learn yourself
  • Make sure the training is combined with a longer term continuity plan. For example, with my own training I give people access to my online leadership course, the Limbic Performance System, so delegates repeat the content, re-learn it and have follow up workshops to “activate” the content
  • Don’t be fooled by trainers who tell you they can fix everything in 1 training day – they can’t. True lasting change takes focus, time, repetition, follow up and skilled support


So are you ready to take action and help your company to stop burning money?


Your success partner




Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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