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The way we reconnect is through becoming more aware of what is taking place, both within us and around us. Emotional and social intelligence enables us to create more effective relationships & communication. These skills are enhanced through self-awareness and being more aware of others.

Behaviours & Performance

We will work with the mostly UNSEEN areas to make lasting change seen in your team’s…

  • Thinking​
  • Emotions
  • Core Beliefs
  • Personal Values​
  • Core human needs​
About Limbic Performance System

The Limbic Performance SystemTM (LPS) for leadership and teams is effective because it goes below the “behavior iceberg” to work with all the drivers for how we lead, perform or behave. 

It is quite simple – if you want to produce lasting performance change in any area of business then you MUST go below the surface and change things in our subconscious brain (or Limbic System).

Namely it works with our attitudes, beliefs, values, emotions and thoughts. These are all things we do not see – but they all play a vital role in the behaviour we show and the results we achieve

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LPS Results Stories