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Leadership and Team Effectiveness in Changing Times

You will get:

  • 12 x live 90 minute interactive webinars with Steve Neale
  • 12 Weeks of unlimited access to the LPS online learning platform
  • over 20 hours of video content plus worksheets plus 9 guided relaxation sessions
  • A 30 page profile report highlighting your strengths and areas to develop

This highly practical and tools-based course will give you:

  • An evidence-based toolkit for becoming an outstanding leader of yourself and others
  • Proven psychological tools for boosting engagement and motivation whist working at home or in isolation
  • The virtual team effectiveness model for elevated team performance
  • A proven bank of ways to boost and maintain your mental, emotional, physical and purpose-driven energy
  • A step-by-step stress management method
  • The simple 3 step process for understanding and managing resistance to change in changing times
  • The Self Belief Booster - simple tools to help you increase your sense of worth and value and overcome self doubt
  • A method to redefine success in a way that benefits you and others
  • Individual and Team Values Coaching tools to help you clarify what’s most important to you and your team and how to activate those values.

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Watch this free webinar with Steve Neale, packed with practical tools including:

The Triangle of Success that every leader should know
How to master your Energy Spirals giving you increased productivity and less stress
The secret to setting the right goals, preventing you from wasting time and energy

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