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Appropriate emotions

What’s it about?:Appropriate emotions


Are your emotions appropriate and healthy?


Or are your beliefs triggering emotions that are not serving you?


You see…


It’s a myth that life is about being happy all the time and only thinking positive thoughts.


That’s just not realistic.
It’s not human!


And what’s more…


If you don’t experience negative thoughts and emotions from time to time, you will not be able to really appreciate the positive ones. We need negative emotions to be able to appreciate feelings such as joy, love and excitement.


Problem is…


Sometimes your limiting beliefs will lead you to inappropriate emotions.


For example…


If you make a mistake it is fine to experience regret for a short time. But is inappropriate if the emotion you feel is lasting guilt.


If a dear friend dies, it is normal to feel sadness. But this becomes inappropriate if it leads to long term depression.


If your child is a little late home from school it is healthy to feel concern. But extreme anxiety is an over-reaction that helps no-one.


So how do emotions become inappropriate?


The answer lies in your unhealthy beliefs.


For example, let’s say a friend becomes extremely angry, perhaps even aggressive, just because someone disagrees with his political views.


Whilst most people are entitled to have a political view, it is your friend’s belief that only his views are right that triggers the extreme emotional response.


If you have a sleepless night because your training course feedback was only 92%, it may be triggered by the underlying belief of “I have to be perfect.”


A healthier belief of “It is human not to be perfect” would have lead to a more realistic reaction of feeling satisfied with a good result.


So the key questions are…


Do you respond to situations appropriately?


Or are some of your outdated, limiting beliefs triggering inappropriate over-reactions?


Now for the good news…


Beliefs are not facts.
They are subjective views you hold based on your experiences in life so far.
And all beliefs can be changed.


So if you want a life full of appropriate emotions, free of extreme reactions, you just need to upgrade your beliefs to healthier ones that will serve you better


I’m off to make sure my beliefs are healthy so that I respond appropriately to the situations I encounter.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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Steve Neale
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