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Aurimas and Choice

What you will get: A story about Aurimas and choice


“Aurimas woke up at 6am as he always does…”


Forced himself out of bed.


And then…


Just 10 seconds into his new day, his autopilot kicked in.


Shower with the same gel he always uses.
Coffee from the same mug he likes.
Same rushed breakfast on his way out of the door.


Traffic is awful as it was yesterday.
His mind firmly fixed on the days meetings, routines and KPI’s.
Same people.
Same office.
Same tasks.


Lots of stress and frustration in the office.
Forgetting to eat a healthy lunch – spoiled by too many urgent, unforeseen, tasks.
Works late.


Arrives home too late to read goodnight stories to his kids.
No time for jogging again.
So a quick glass of wine to “switch off” from his hectic day.


More work –some of those urgent, unforeseen tasks again.
Still checking emails on his smart phone at 10pm
And then to bed.


To get up and do the same thing again tomorrow.
And the next day…
And the next…


Sure he has a nice car.
Sure he has a nice house.
Sure he can afford to take his family to expensive restaurants where he sits and drinks expensive wine (but still thinks about work as he can’t get it out of his head).


But deep down, Aurimas knows….


Something’s missing.
Something’s not quite right.
Something inside him is slowly dying.


What happened those dreams he had when he was 20?
Financial freedom by the time he was 30?
A job he loved and was always excited about?
Something with real purpose that makes a difference to the world.




Where did they go?


Sadly, Aurimas is not alone.


There are millions like him around the world feeling trapped.
Feeling the pressure of a mortgage and the need to stay in a job they don’t really love.


But you and I know it doesn’t have to be this way.


You see..


We humans have invented a very powerful world that can change everything.


The word is choice.


You see, Aurimas, just like you and I, makes more than 100 choices every day.


And because his unconscious brain is quite lazy, it will make the same choices as yesterday and the day before unless he trains it not to.
And you can’t expect anything to change unless you start making different choices and then act on them.


Sure it’s not easy.
Sure it takes courage.
Sure there is some risk involved.


But the rewards are unmeasurable.
And the cost of not changing things is unthinkable.


And that’s one of the main reasons I have created the Virtual Masters in High Performance Leadership.


To help people like Aurimas take action to move away from mediocrity.
To make your dream’s a reality.
To find a path in life that makes your heart sing every day.


And here’s what I’ve discovered…


Once you find a vocation filled with passion and purpose…
Not only do you have lots of fun every day, but you are much more likely to be successful.


When you heart is in it, the head just follows and helps you figure out how to make it work.


Think about it…


A job that feels like a hobby and you love doing.
More balance and time for sharing those precious moments with your loved ones.
Freedom from financial constraints.


You know, one of my favourite quotes says it all…


“You can’t go back and start at the beginning again…but you can start again now and create a new ending.”


I’m off to rewrite my ending by carefully considering my choices today. How about you?


To your success.







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