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Conditions of Worth

What you will get: An understanding of Conditions of Worth


“So what are you worth?”


And more to the point…


What conditions do you put on yourself in order to feel ok about yourself?


The topic of “conditions of worth” comes from a field of psychology linked to self worth.


So the theory goes…


Not all people are given healthy praise for who they are when they are children. So to cope with this lack of unconditional love and acceptance, many people go on a search to look for things that prove they are “ok”.


Things like…


A need to help others.
A need to make lots of money.


It’s called a condition of worth because quite literally in order to feel worthy there has to be a condition.


Typical examples are…


I’m ok as long as,


I am perfect.
I have lots of success.
I drive an expensive car.
I have status.
I wear exclusive clothes.
I am seen in the best eating places.


And so the list continue…


But this is really a false sense of worth.


You see a true and pure sense of self worth is linked to this belief:


“I am ok because I am me.”


So there is no need to show or prove anything to anyone else – because deep down you have a sense of feeling ok without needing evidence to show to the world.


In many ways…


This is the nirvana of self worth.


And when you reach it, it gives you so much.


Things like…


More freedom.
Less anxiety.
Inner peace.


Imagine a day when you never need to prove anything to anyone.
A day when you can let go of your own egotistical needs to focus on a bigger cause.
A day when you see more of the good in others and the world around you.


That’s why…


Dedicating time to developing your self worth and letting go of all the “conditions” you may have put on yourself will be one of the best investments you ever made.


And how do you do this?


Well you can start by signing up to my free self worth webinar later this week. There’s still time to grab one of the last places.


Like I said…


“I’m ok because I am me”


Kind of sounds good when you say that to yourself, right?


See you Thursday!


To your success.







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