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What you will get: GDP vs. GNH


All countries do it…


And so do companies.
And departments.
And even individuals.


Do what, you may ask?


Measure things.


And normally those things that are measured are tangible.


So companies measure sales figures, profits, and many other KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)


And when you take…


This so called success measurement to a national level, it’s called Gross Domestic Product or GDP for short.


So what are some of the things that GDP actually measures?


Here’s a list…


  • Air pollution levels
  • Money spend on nuclear warheads
  • Salary levels
  • Cigarette and alcohol consumption
  • Crime rates
  • The number of military weapons
  • The number of jails available


And the list goes on.


Now to a really important question…


What are some of the things that GDP doesn’t measure?


  • The health of society
  • Happiness levels
  • The quality of children’s education
  • The amount of joy experienced during play
  • Laughter levels
  • Courage
  • Humour
  • Acts of giving and kindness
  • Compassion
  • The integrity and honesty of your country leaders.


So are we in the developed world really measuring the right things?


Way back in the 70’s the King of Bhutan decided that his country wasn’t. So he replaced the country’s typical GDP measurements with a new measurement system which he called GNH.


And what does that stand for?


Gross National Happiness.


And since then Bhutan has developed a sophisticated, 72 scale measurement system focused entirely on the happiness and well- being levels of the country’s citizens.


Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Especially as in a recent international survey of company CEO’s, 94% said they believed that the happiness and wellbeing of the company’s employees played a vital role in the company’s success.
But then only 5% of them said they were measuring happiness and well-being levels in the company!


As the famous psychologist Maslow once said,


“If the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.”


So is it time for a new measure of success? Is it time to replace the hammer of GDP with a new measurement tool – Gross National Happiness?


And what’s more…


In relation to your life, what are you currently measuring that really matters?


And what could you start measuring today that is directly connected to your levels of happiness and well-being?


I’m off to focus on measuring what really matters.


How about you?


To your success








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